Zenlayer Global Accelerator to better digital experiences

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Mumbai: Global edge cloud service provider Zenlayer launched its new network acceleration service Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA). The company said its new offering enables businesses to improve interactive digital experiences for their globally distributed users.

Zenlayer Global Accelerator is the company’s new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product built on a software-defined network platform.

Businesses can leverage this new service and instantly power any type of applications, websites, platforms, and software without provisioning or managing any infrastructure. By simply using an API call or web-based configurations, regardless of location, businesses can enhance digital experiences.

It is an API-driven network acceleration service. An enhanced Linux Kernel with end-to-end protocol optimization and a flexible architecture powers this new service supporting a wide range of protocols from layer 4 to layer 7.

The announcement follows ZGA’s successful beta launch from earlier in 2021. Customers across numerous industry verticals are now benefitting from the new service, including gaming, video and audio conferencing, enterprise SaaS connectivity, e-commerce authentication and user access, online education, and live streaming.

“ZGA is a critical step toward our vision of enabling companies of all sizes to instantly deliver great digital experiences to anyone around the world,” said Joe Zhu, Founder and CEO of Zenlayer.

“Businesses today need to deliver applications and platforms efficiently and cost-effectively. Zenlayer’s new PaaS product helps them achieve these goals, while giving power back to the developer and DevOps professionals,” added Zhu.

ZGA run on Zenlayer’s global full-mesh network that optimizes routes and connects global destinations in just milliseconds. This helps to avoid public internet congestion and brings packet loss to zero.

The network features proprietary traffic engineering algorithms to optimize all data traversing through it. It also covers hard-to-reach markets like India, China, Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa with connections to the best local ISPs in each region.

“Businesses today face a variety of challenges when connecting distributed users to digital services,” said David Xie, Chief Product Officer – Zenlayer.

“Common issues include poor application performance, slow synchronization across regional cloud servers, and interruptions during cross-border downloads. ZGA solves these challenges by accelerating through the first mile to the last,” added Xie.

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