Vacasa gains 80 pc more productivity via Hiver’s email collaboration tool

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Bangalore: Vacasa, one of the largest international vacation rental management companies in the US has deployed Hiver – a SaaS based email collaboration tool – to improve visibility and information exchange across the organization using shared inboxes. The Hiver solution helped teams manage group emails with faster access and better analytics, resulting in faster response time and resolution of customer requests.

Vacasa, a North America’s largest full-service vacation rental company manages a growing portfolio of over 13,000 vacation homes. Previously, it was using Google Groups to manage support emails. However, the customer response time and ticket resolution had been sluggish. Tracking tickets and monitoring messages being sent to the customer had become a hassle too.

This became Vacasa’s major concern area and it started looking for a solution to manage its customer support better. Vacasa’s team wanted a helpdesk solution inside Gmail, in order to avoid having to train their agents. They opted for Hiver’s shared inbox solution which allows agents to handle support emails right from their own Gmail inboxes.

The implementation of the Hiver solution has resulted in every Vacasa agent closing 60 percent more tickets every day and customers getting their problems resolved 80 percent faster than before.

Additionally, Hiver’s analytics provides actionable critical data like Average Time to First Response, Average Time to Close for every agent, amongst others. Hiver’s analytics helps managers monitor how individual members of the team are performing, what they are working on and ensuring that the workload is well distributed across the team.

“With Hiver’s Shared Inbox, we are able to ensure instant task assignment to agents. Also, with agents using the Email Notes feature, there is no longer a need for exchanging emails for internal conversations,” said Sonia Cruz, Owner Care Manager – South America, Vacasa.

“With the growing needs of the business, it became imperative to deploy a strong collaboration tool in order to align the customer support processes. After we started using Hiver, the team is more organized than ever. With Hiver’s analytics, I can identify which agent is doing well and which ones need coaching. The support team is now 80 percent more productive with Hiver.” added Sonia.

“Vacasa is a strong example of how organizations can manage their Google Groups and shared inboxes efficiently. Vacasa has moved past the challenges they were facing with email collaboration and increased productivity by using Hiver. The impact was immediate as the users didn’t need to learn a new interface or master any complex features that come with other solutions in this space,“ said Niraj Ranjan, Co-founder & CEO – Hiver.

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