SymphonyAI team-up with Microsoft Azure for connected retail

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Palo Alto, New York – USA: SymphonyAI, a predictive and generative enterprise AI SaaS provider, has teamed with Microsoft for next-generation connected retail. Under this collaboration, Symphony AI will provide its retail applications using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to retailers and CPGs (consumer packaged goods) globally.

Extension of SymphonyAI Retail Copilots on Microsoft Azure

The latest collaboration extends to the recent announcement of SymphonyAI Retail Copilots on Microsoft Azure to increase productivity, collaboration, and business performance for category managers and supply chain demand planners.

“Leading retailers and CPGs worldwide have enthusiastically greeted the SymphonyAI Retail Copilots, inspired by their power to leapfrog current technology with game-changing productivity, collaboration, accuracy, and connectedness,” said Manish Choudhary, President of SymphonyAI’s Retail CPG division.

“At the end of the day, the copilots deliver the holy grail of retail effectiveness: increased customer engagement, enterprise-wide consistency localised for each store, and improved bottom-line results,” added Choudhary.

“SymphonyAI’s retail solutions combine deep retail domain expertise with leading AI capabilities to deliver transformative, quantifiable business impact,” said Kumar Abhimanyu, Symphony AI’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships.

“Exquisitely crafted to deliver success in today’s challenging retail landscape, this innovative collaboration leverages predictive and generative AI on the Microsoft Azure platform to deliver a powerful productivity and efficiency boost for innovative retailers worldwide,” added Abhimanyu.

“Through integration with Azure OpenAI Service, SymphonyAI’s retail applications will deliver measurable value to retailers and CPGs,” said Keith Mercier, GM – Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft.

“Next-generation predictive and generative AI tools can help transform retail by enhancing operational efficiency and supporting end-to-end connectivity from the store to corporate. We look forward to continuing our work with SymphonyAI to bring transformational productivity, accuracy, and shopper engagement to the retail and CPG industries with generative AI,” added Mercier.