Safle partners with Tezos India Foundation

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Mumbai: Composite blockchain infra provider Safle has partnered with a non-profit organisation Tezos India Foundation. This tie-up enables people and entities to use the Tezos blockchain, allowing them to create Tezos integration into its product offering.

As a part of the collaboration, teams of Tezos India and Safle worked jointly to integrate SafleID into the energy-efficient, proof-of-stake blockchain Tezos.

Now, the Tezos community will be able to create their SafleIDs, a decentralized on-chain identity on the Tezos chain. SafleID eases the process of identifying wallets and making transfers.

Also, it acts as an SSI protocol for the users wherein they can add all their onchain credentials and keep them secure via their private key. Additionally, the users and developers will also be granted DApp access, Tezos wallets integration with Vault (wallet infra), Node infra support as well as developer tools for Tezos developers.

Tezos is currently one of the growing blockchains that have plenty of core competencies in the NFT space. This move, also benefits the NFT community, as the NFT artists will now be able to create their next-gen SafleID.

In the times to come, users will be able to access all major NFT marketplaces like Hicetnunc. Art,, FXhash, or Kalamint through their SafleIDs and store these treasured assets on their very own Safle wallets.

The Safle wallet, therefore, becomes the gateway to the world of DApps and NFT marketplaces. With the NFT craze touching the roof, this partnership will prove to be a win-win for all the NFT collectors and enthusiasts out there as well.

Notably, Tezos India is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers and builders.

“We are happy to have provided support to the Safle team to integrate Tezos in their product suite. The entire experience has been very smooth for both the organisations, and we look forward to providing a similar kind of support for all the other projects building innovative things in the region,” said Om Malviya, Founder and President – Tezos India Foundation.

“We’re thrilled to announce Tezos as one of many integrations to come and I would like to thank the Tezos India team for making this integration a reality. Together both the communities wish to ensure ease of access into the world of blockchains and cryptos,” said Apoorv Shankar, CTO – Safle.

Following the integration, both the communities (of Tezos India and Safle) are looking forward to empowering each other through this valuable association and hoping to make the decentralized web more accessible.

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