Porsche AG deploys Icertis platform to handle contracts

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Mumbai: Porsche AG has selected Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform for enterprise-wide contract management.

Porsche AG is currently deploying ICM platform across an additional 18 organisational units. Over 2000 users will use the platform to manage over 100 different agreement types – from development to real estate contracts.

With this deployment, the automaker has further expanded its existing relationship. The automaker had selected the ICM platform in 2018 to manage its indirect procurement contracting.

Given the ICM platform’s rapid implementation and configurable capabilities, the company has decided to roll out the platform to 18 more units.

Porsche AG – a part of Volkswagen Group was looking for a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution to provide a digital end-to-end contract management process.

Given the automobile industry’s nature where large, complex value chains are common, the German company needed a cloud-based tool that could provide efficient coordination with all internal stakeholders.

“The correct handling of contracts is an essential component of Porsche AG’s success,” said Dr Melanie Schenk, legal counsel, Porsche AG.

“ICM now enables the transparent integration of all relevant departments in the process of contract coordination. It also supports the departments in contract processing, e.g. through the possibility of digital signing, deadline checks and a file that can be traced at any time,” added Schenk.

“We’re thrilled Porsche AG is expanding its relationship with us and will leverage the ICM platform across its organisation to unlock the true value that only an enterprise-wide approach to contract management can deliver,” said Samir Bodas, CEO and Co-founder, Icertis.

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