Ozonetel’s WhatsApp solution for call centres

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Hyderabad: Ozonetel’s WhatsApp solution for call centres helps any business with an efficient, responsive WhatsApp channel for their customer support.

The solution can automate replies, and manage simple queries with a multilingual WhatsApp bot, and smoothly handover complex conversations to live agents. It can potentially transform the customer experience with its approachable, efficient approach.

Ozonetel’s WhatApp solution is equipped with advanced features that call centres require to efficiently manage their customer support. This includes skill routing, queue management, fallback, and fallback rules.

These features will help in efficient routing and distribution of conversations amongst agents in various departments and ensure prompt customer support.

Additionally, the solution tracks performance on 400+ parameters, giving managers invaluable insights into a call centre and agent performance as well as efficiency, and training needs.

This includes AI-powered text analytics reports for call centre supervisors. Its inbuilt AI uses industry-leading tools to understand conversations, therefore, notably boosting efficiency.

Businesses can also opt for Ozonetel’s conversational AI in the form of a WhatsApp bot to greet customers and solve preliminary queries. They can build a bot within minutes using Ozonetel’s drag and drop WhatsApp bot designer.

Ozonetel’s multi-lingual bot uses CRM data to greet customers and respond to their preliminary queries. When presented with complex queries, the bot has the ability to seamlessly hand over the conversation to a human agent.

Ozonetel’s WhatsApp solution can easily integrate with almost any existing CRM solution. For companies that may not have a CRM solution, Ozonetel provides a contact manager to archive conversation details.

“Over the past 10 years, we have carefully understood various business needs to design and build CloudAgent as a holistic solution. We’ve now consolidated this experience to create a world-class solution for businesses to use WhatsApp as their go-to customer support solution,” said Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer – Ozontel.

“We’ve ensured that the solution has all the tools needed to efficiently deliver a great customer experience especially the ability to seamlessly transfer from bot to live agent. From a customer’s point of view, it allows them to contact businesses on a channel they love and also provides them with the flexibility to share information in a different format,” added Chokkareddy.

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