OYO rolls a real-time chatbot Yo! Help for guests

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New Delhi: OYO rolls a real-time chatbot Yo! Help to assist its guests. The chatbot Yo! Help is a 24*7 virtual assistant for guests with a valid booking across OYO hotels and homes globally.

Using the chat assistant Yo! Help, OYO will enable seamless experiences for its customers and guests — right from the post-booking to post-checkout or cancellation phases.

With Yo! Help, OYO aims to enable guests with self-help and self-serve mechanisms. This will allow them to seek answers to their queries at any time, and anywhere through a single click.

Among chatbot Yo! Help’s key features are end-to-end automation and high-speed resolution which is completely built in-house with the ability to detect fraudulent cases.

OYO’s realtime assistant, Yo! Help is educated with secure data to increase its intelligence and empathy quotients. The company has also worked towards gamifying responses in an effort to make consumer interactions more human and less transactional.

OYO invested nearly six months building the technology and ensuring its effectiveness and productivity. Besides, the company has plans to leverage its internal tech stack to launch projects that enable personalise guest interactions rather than a neutral request-response mechanism.

The chatbot is built to provide different experiences for consumers across different countries, considering every geography’s unique challenges.

Chatbot Yo! Help leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to decrease the interaction time and bubble up relevant queries from the guests based on freely written text. This technology is also capable of personalising experiences for guests on OYO’s platforms.

“The pandemic is ushering a ‘digital-shift’, which is an opportunity for us to rebuild differently and strengthen our focus on tech-enabled experiences,” said Anil Goel – Group Chief Technology & Product Officer.

“With Yo! Help, we have been able to resolve queries across India within an Average Handling Time (ATH) of 01 minute as compared to a call center’s ATH of 8-10 minutes. In terms of escalations, the average Turn Around Time (TAT) is 5-7 mins vs 2.5-3 hours, depending on the nature of the issue faced,” added Goel

However, Goel said that human connection is important and OYO will continue to enable guests to chat with their agents in case a query needs to be resolved beyond self-serve mechanisms.

OYO guests can access the chat bot Yo! Help on their existing OYO app or OTA booking through the following steps:

● OYO’s self-help tools can be reached on the link – https://www.oyorooms.com/yo/
● The guests will receive the link to OYO’s realtime assistant in their booking confirmation SMS as well as via other channels
● The guests can open the link on a mobile web browser or desktop and enter a valid booking ID and check-in date to authenticate their booking. (OTA guests can use the Booking ID provided by the OTAs including Booking.com, Agoda, MMT and GoIbibo
● Once authenticated the guests can use Yo! Help to resolve their queries through an automated answer  or by directly engaging with an OYO chat agent

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