NetFoundry join hands with myCloudDoor to deploy cloud solutions

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Charotte, USA: NetFoundry, a major player in Application-Specific Networking has partnered with myCloudDoor, an IT consulting and services company enabling cloud transitions for businesses – with a specialization in critical line of business applications, like SAP, with Hybrid Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

As businesses evolve to Microsoft Azure cloud, they have two challenges; first, moving applications and data into the cloud, particularly critical business apps such as SAP, and second maintaining hybrid application environments which need integration with resources across Azure Cloud and Azure Stack.

While myCloudDoor provides effective strategies for solving these, they have found that many projects have developed challenges such as budget overruns, unnecessary complexity, and significant scope creep due to connectivity of traditional methods which are normally out of their scope – typically transient IPSec tunnels over Internet circuits, which have very limited throughput and performance assurances, or dedicated MPLS circuits, which can take months to establish, are expensive, and complex to provision. Their solution is to provide NetFoundry to their customers enabling private and direct overlay networks over the internet which are cloud-native, simple and quick to deploy, highly secure and performant as well as requiring no proprietory hardware.

This has enabled myCloudDoor to reduce their customers’ time-to-deployment and project durations while streamlining and securing the application connectivity regardless of the underlay network.

NetFoundry makes it easy to instantly spin up software-only, highly secure, performant, edge-to-cloud networks to any Azure workload or form-factor over the internet using our web-based orchestration tools and APIs with micro-segmented networks called AppWANs – via myCloudMAS Solution (Cloud Management and Automation Suite).

In one instance, NetFoundry reduced data transit time from two days with a traditional VPN tunnel to less than eight hours with an AppWAN, using the same Internet connection. Finally, if any changes need to be made, such as connections to ancillary applications that may have been overlooked, this can be mitigated in minutes, rather than days or weeks with other connectivity options.

NetFoundry AppWANs can greatly facilitate enterprise application deployment and operations, such as SAP on Azure. Backend services for an application will typically be spread across Microsoft Regions, Hybrid Azure (Azure Stack), private data centers, and multi-cloud environments. Enterprise critical applications on Azure, such as SAP, require both highly performant and secure connectivity, each of which can be easily implemented and operated using NetFoundry AppWANs without requiring dedicate and propreitory hardware.

NetFoundry delivers a new level of network agility to businesses embracing cloud migration and modern application practices. Now, with myCloudDoor and NetFoundry, enterprises can experience the efficiency, security, speed, agility, reliability and profitability that is associated with digital technology and cloud migrations without the hassle and headache.

“myCloudDoor as experts in Azure SAP migrations and hybrid applications with Azure Stack are faced daily with the issue of legacy connectivity and its incompatibility with the digital transformation to deliver security and agility businesses need. The NetFoundry platform allows them to enable their customers network to be abstracted from the underlay, in the same way Azure does for compute and storage, to deliver connectivity in minutes which is performant and secure for critical apps using APIs and DevOps tool and methodology. They are the ‘door’ for businesses to become cloud-native on Microsoft Azure,” Michael Kochanik, Global Head – Revenue & Alliances, NetFoundry.

“NetFoundry is the ultimate networking solution, it helps to break Cloud barriers and accelerate any cloud project maintaining always the highest security standards. Working with myCloudDoor Cloud Methodology and solutions in combination with NetFoundry assure any company a safe, fast, efficient, agile and successful cloud journey,” Javier Aguado, Cloud Services Director – myCloudDoor.

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