Netcore Gen-AI backed marketer tools offer higher engagement

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Mumbai: Netcore Cloud, a global martech and customer experience company, has unveiled its largest suite of Gen-AI backed marketing solutions, Netcore Gen-AI. The new solutions aim to transform how marketers engage with their customers, setting a new benchmark in user experience. Netcore Gen-AI backed marketer tools used by some of the clients like Crocs, Max Life, and Thomas Cook see higher user engagement up to 20%.

Netcore’s comprehensive suite of Gen-AI powered holistic full-stack customer experience tools is available today, globally.

Netcore Gen AI consists of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, including conversational data analysis in natural language. These capabilities are deeply integrated with Netcore’s customer experience platform, data flows, and execution stack.

This integration empowers marketers to achieve better, faster, and more effective outcomes from engagement across the user journey.

With Netcore Gen-AI, marketers can generate copy for various marketing channels automatically, build targeted segments in a fraction of the time, and orchestrate connected customer journeys based on preferred outcomes in seconds.

Netcore Gen AI has committed to providing relevant, reliable, and responsible AI. That makes it uniquely positioned to help marketers achieve better business outcomes and drive growth.

“Today marks the dawn of a new computing era, advancing us further on our journey. AI is just at the beginning of the S-curve. Netcore Gen AI’s evolution promises to revolutionize marketer productivity and growth. It’s a transformative milestone for Netcore, with immense long-term prospects,” said Rajesh Jain, MD and Founder of Netcore Cloud.

“As a leading SaaS player, we’re committed to addressing marketers’ key challenges. We’re excited to introduce Netcore Gen AI, the most comprehensive Generative AI solution for customer experience,” said Kalpit Jain, Group CEO of Netcore Cloud.

“Many brands struggle with achieving true personalisation due to heavy workloads and manual efforts. Our Generative AI solutions aim to enhance marketing team efficiency, enabling them to achieve higher growth and superior customer experiences,” added Jain.

“Utilising Netcore’s Gen AI, we’ve observed a significant 18% uplift in engagement, a testament to the effectiveness of this innovative tool,” said Sameer Jain, VP and Head D2C of Max Life (India) who recently was part of the Beta launch.

“Netcore Cloud’s content generator is driving a paradigm shift in the travel industry through Generative AI, amplifying the brand impact and customer engagement,” added Neeraj Singh Dev, EVP of Ecommerce – Thomas Cook (India).

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