Ness Digital Engineering and Snowflake expand ties

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Bangalore: Ness Digital Engineering and Snowflake have decided to expand their partnership. With this, Ness has earned “Select” partner status and expanded strategic alliance between Ness Digital Engineering and Snowflake.

Snowflake is a cloud platform that supports data warehousing workloads with a low maintenance and cost effective way for organisations.

The tie-up ip between Ness Digital Engineering and Snowflake will allow Ness to deliver near real time, data-driven insights to help clients achieve desired business outcomes.

“Snowflake’s dedicated storage and computing engines enable advanced data analytics capabilities that we use to help customers realize the power of their data and improve productivity and increase revenue,” said Scott Schlesinger, SVP and Global Head – Data and Analytics Practice, Ness Digital Engineering.

“Combining the power of Snowflake with Ness’s deep modernisation capabilities and AI accelerator presents a formidable offering to our customers looking to expedite time to market for data and analytics solutions and seamlessly execute transformative projects,” added Schlesinger.

Ness is an Amazon Web Services Advanced partner, Microsoft Azure Gold partner and Google Cloud partner. This allows the company to bring Snowflake’s instant, frictionless, secure sharing of live data – within and between organisations – to all its clients embarking on their data warehouse modernization journey.

Snowflake cloud data platform requires zero management for all the customer’s data and users in a cost-effective and scalable “pay only for what you use” structure.

“Ness’s expertise in data and analytics plays a critical role in helping organisations engage customers and differentiate their brands,’ positioning them as an important member of Snowflake’s partner community,” said Katie Ecklund, Director – NoAm Partners, Snowflake.

“Ness has innovation hubs and delivery teams around the world, providing a global footprint that can work with Snowflake’s enterprise customers across geographic boundaries to increase the value of their digital solutions,” added Ecklund.

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