NEC and SAP join hands to drive corporate transformation

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Tokyo, Japan: NEC and SAP have strengthened their strategic collaboration. SAP will drive NEC’s corporate transformation (CX) and to co-create business opportunities.

NEC and SAP have agreed to jointly promote the rollout of the RISE with SAP offering for mission-critical systems as part of their collaboration.

The global integrator major NEC launched its transformation office last year. It aims to drive projects that accelerate corporate transformation in management, business and within its workforce. And to achieve NEC’s mid-term management plan 2025 and further growth.

During the course of this project, NEC will accumulate know-how on digital infrastructure construction and reform methodologies. It will also create a reference model that it will provide to customers to help them resolve their transformation challenges.

To drive this project, NEC and SAP are strategically collaborating in areas such as NEC’s corporate transformation, co-creation of business opportunities and innovation to create social value.

For corporate transformation, NEC will utilize the latest SAP solutions to speed up CX, based on the results of the reforms it has made using SAP solutions. It aims to attain data-driven management, respond flexibly to changes in the business environment and maximize the capabilities of its employees.

CX will help NEC to review company rules, business processes, organisational structures and overall IT systems. And it will standardize, simplify and automate business processes, which will help optimize employee productivity and enhance competitive advantages. In addition, NEC will make use of the data accumulated in business processes to advance the sophistication of its management.

For its goal, NEC will continue to adopt SAP S/4HANA to support end-to-end operations, maximize standard functions and adopt business process intelligence to strengthen process standardization.

In addition, to promote this initiative within the NEC Group, NEC plans to adopt the RISE with SAP offering at group companies internationally to provide the integrated solutions necessary for corporate transformation.

Strengthen co-creation business opportunities
NEC and SAP have a long history of collaboration and experience in selling SAP solutions. By providing its own knowledge of business process transformation, system renewal, operations and maintenance as a reference model, NEC has contributed to the digitalization and business efficiency of its customers.

For this collaboration, NEC will make use of the experience gained from its own corporate transformation and leveraging capabilities of the NEC Group company ABeam Consulting Ltd., which has the largest number of SAP consultants in Japan.

NEC will also leverage the NEC Group’s ability to provide both information and communications technologies (ICT) and the latest solutions and functions, such as the RISE with SAP offering, to drive corporate digital transformation (DX). Utilizing these resources, NEC will contribute to the realization of end-to-end business process transformation and data-driven management to help customers achieve DX.

Initiate innovation to create social value
Based on a shared corporate philosophy of creating social value, NEC plans to develop innovations with SAP technologies. While leveraging its own strengths in biometrics technology and security, NEC will also draw from the strengths both companies have demonstrated in 5G, supply chain and sustainability.

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