Mindtree partners with PTC for new immersive tech center

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New Delhi: Mindtree, a global IT consultancy services today launched a new immersive technologies experience center Immersive Aurora in collaboration with PTC.

The India based Immersive Aurora, is a site to develop immersive technologies experiences across augmented, virtual and mixed reality touchpoints.

For this new experience center, Mindtree is collaborating with PTC – a Boston based software and services company. PTC has strong expertise in the field of Industrial digital transformation and Internet of things (IoT).

Both companies will explore opportunities for global clients to deploy immersive technology experiences. For this, Mindtree’s Immersive Aurora and PTC’s Vuforia industrial augmented reality (AR) solution will be combined and used.

“Mindtree, with its deep digital expertise, has been at the forefront of helping enterprises deliver enhanced and contextual experiences to their end clients,” said Debashis Chatterjee, CEO – Mindtree.

“By launching Immersive Aurora and partnering with PTC, Mindtree is well-positioned to help our clients rapidly unlock value from their technology investments just as the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds is accelerating,” added Chatterjee.

“Immersive technologies can drive tangible business value, but many clients don’t know which applications will have the most meaningful return on investment and, candidly, they often don’t know where to start on their digital transformation journeys,” said Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO, PTC.

“Through this strategic collaboration with Mindtree, we’ll be better positioned to help customers quickly identify those AR use-cases that can deliver the most value and then help them scale those solutions across their respective businesses,” added Heppelmann.

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