LEXTA acquistion to help Accenture expand IT capabilities

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Berlin, Germany: Accenture has acquired LEXTA, an IT consulting firm specialized in IT benchmarking and sourcing advisory. The company has not disclosed the terms of this transaction.

Headquartered in Berlin with offices in Düsseldorf, London, and Zurich, LEXTA has a team of over 60 professionals. The team now has joined Accenture’s Technology Strategy and Advisory Group.

Founded in 2003, LEXTA supports clients with in-depth insights into the IT provider market. It offers detailed analysis and market comparisons of the quality, scope, processes and efficiency of both vendors and IT departments.

LEXTA’s benchmarking and advisory services, especially for cloud, platform and application technologies, enable clients to make better, more informed decisions.

“With LEXTA’s comprehensive insights, we can better help our clients define the value of technologies such as cloud or platforms even more precisely,” said Frédéric Brunier, Accenture Lead for Technology Strategy and Advisory Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

Brunier pointed that LEXTA’s data-based analysis capability will be combined with Accenture’s technology advisory skills. “This will further develop our joint IT sourcing and benchmarking advisory offering to ultimately realize new value for our clients.”

Working with clients across industries including utilities, logistics and manufacturing, LEXTA creates client value by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their business. And enable clients to focus on their core operations.

LEXTA’s capabilities complement Accenture’s ZBx agenda. It extends the traditional zero-based budgeting (ZBB) approach to align priorities across the organization. And identify cost-saving opportunities and reinvest freed-up funds in technology-enabled business transformation.

“With this acquisition, we are expanding our team of highly skilled professionals who can help shape our clients’ transformational journey,” said Frank Riemensperger, Market unit lead for Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Russia.

According to Riemensperger, LEXTA and Accenture will join forces to give precise insights into the IT provider market and help organisations make better IT strategy decisions.

“We are excited to join Accenture’s Technology Strategy & Advisory group and support our clients together on their data and tech driven journeys,” said Frank Baumann, Founder and Managing Partner of LEXTA.

“Accenture’s global reach and digital expertise will enable us to take our IT advisory offerings to a larger client base across geographies,” added Baumann.

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