Keysight brings end-to-end Open RAN solution portfolio

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Bangalore: Keysight Technologies has introduced the end-to-end solution suite built on its Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) Architecture.

The suite enables O-RAN vendors and mobile operators to verify interoperability, performance and conformance. It also ensures multi-vendor 5G networks’ security based on O-RAN standard interfaces.

Many mobile operators are deploying cloud-native and virtualized radio access network (RAN) architectures. These deployments are based on O-RAN Alliance led specifications to deliver 5G services. However, the multi-vendor networks environment causes interoperability issues and performance complexity.

The latest end-to-end solutions suite from Keysight help mobile operators and vendors to overcome those technical challenges. The suite enables through testing and validation at multi-levels and supports them to offer new services.

“Vendors of radio units (O-RUs), distributed units (O-DUs), central units (O-CUs) and RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) need integrated, virtualized and cloud native solutions,” said Giampaolo Tardioli, VP – and GM – Keysight’s Network Access Group.

“These cloud native solutions will to validate performance, establish interoperability between network elements and ensure compliance to the latest O-RAN and 3GPP specifications,” added Tardioli.

“Keysight’s end-to-end open RAN solution portfolio enables this ecosystem to verify components across every level of the protocol stack, ensuring that subsystems perform as expected and cohesively,” he explained.

Keysight’s O-RAN solution portfolio provides extensive end-to-end testing from the edge of the RAN to the 5G core (5GC) as well as from early pre-silicon development to system integration. The extensive testing enables checks on performance levels.

Comprehensive testing across a heterogeneous network enables vendors to extend the capabilities of their designs and mobile operators to deliver solutions that support service offerings.

Keysight’s Open RAN Architect (KORA) offers integrated solutions to fast-track development, integration and deployment of O-RAN-compliant equipment. The suite is tailored to the supply chain workflow consisting of chipset makers, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), mobile operators and Open Test and Integration Centers (OTIC).

Users can uniquely access a common set of solutions to simplify the sharing of results across the workflow from pre-silicon to cloud deployments. Keysight joined the O-RAN Alliance shortly after its inception.

Keysight’s Open RAN Architect (KORA) includes Open RAN Studio, UeSIM, RuSIM, CoreSIM, DuSIM, CuSIM, RIC Test, ATI Pentest, CyPerf, Breaking Point, Vision Edge, IxNetwork, CloudPeak, and Nemo Outdoor.

The portfolio covers both 3GPP and O-RAN testing and is segmented to support the following key stakeholders:

· Keysight Open RAN Architect (KORA) – Chip Designer Suite
Enables chipset vendors to verify compliance of O-RAN designs to O-RAN specifications using O-RAN simulation tools prior to tape-out, reducing development time.

· Keysight Open RAN Architect (KORA) – NEM Suite
Enables open RAN hardware and software vendors to verify compliance to O-RAN specifications and interoperability, ensuring each function integrates as expected into a multi-vendor open RAN.

· Keysight Open RAN Architect (KORA) – Operator Suite
Enables mobile operators to verify conformance, interoperability and performance of subsystems that drive new 5G service revenue opportunities.

· Keysight Open RAN Architect (KORA) – OTIC Suite
Enables OTICs to validate conformance, interoperability and performance using tools that adhere to the O-RAN specifications with thorough, repeatable and automated processes.

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