Intuit to hire over 350 techies in India in 2021

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Bangalore: Intuit, a global technology platform is looking to expand its teams in India. It will recruit over 350 positions across software engineering, product management, experience design and data engineering roles in 2021 – 2022.

Intuit’s India site has more than 1,100 employees today. It plans to leverage the large pool of skilled technology talent available in the country. It aims to invest in growing key tech capabilities that will drive innovation for global products and platforms.

With the ambition of becoming an AI-driven expert platform, Intuit is focused on scaling up teams in India and cater to 100 million customers globally.

The hiring will take place across software engineering, product design, product and program management, data science, risk analytics and business analytics streams at entry, mid-level and senior roles.

“ We are looking to hire engineers and product leaders who will embrace our customer-driven innovation mindset. As we solve consumers and small businesses’ most pressing financial problems,” said Saurabh Saxena, Intuit’s India Site Leader and VP – Product Development.

“We are looking for talent with capabilities in artificial intelligence/machine learning, data science, cloud, open-source, natural language understanding (NLU) and other key areas to deliver against our strategy,” commented Saxena.

The company’s majority of hiring is focused on scaling engineering and product innovation and deliver outcomes against the goals that include:

  • Scaling the intelligence of products by connecting people to experts through virtual expert platform
  • Solving for small business growth through omni-channel commerce
  • Fuelling the success of mid-market small businesses
  • Creating delightful and connected customer experiences, communications and experiments at scale
  • Improving developer productivity to deliver customer benefits faster

The Intuit India office is a Center of Excellence for product, technology and engineering innovation across products and services.

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