HPE rolls out Hybrid Cloud as a service to VMware customers

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Mumbai: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has expanded of its partnership with VMware to offer VMware Cloud Foundation as a service.

Through the integration of HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy with VMware Cloud Foundation, the two companies allow mutual customers to keep all their applications, tools and data in-place, while achieving the benefits of cloud and composable infrastructure.

This move actually is part of HPE recently its major plan to transform itself into a service company and offer its entire portfolio as a service offerings via a range of subscription based, pay-per-use by 2022.

Since the plan was announced in June this year, HPE has been closely working with some of its tech partners such as VMware and others to offer some of its products as a service based subscription model.

Through HPE GreenLake, mutual customers can benefit from a fully managed hybrid cloud environment in which they only pay for what they consume, lowering TCO by 30% and accelerating new IT project deployment by 65%, according to Forrester research.

The solution is compatible across on and off premises data centers, simple to operate and supports VMs and containers. This dramatically improves the value enterprise customers experience from a hybrid cloud environment, including agility and speed of composability, ability to shift resources from managing infrastructure to innovation.

This new extended partnership brings major benefits to the customers such as :

  • Cloud Economics: Management of VMware Cloud Foundation through HPE GreenLake enables enterprise IT to shift resources to meet changing business demands. Customers pay for what they use and plan capacity ahead of use, to avoid overprovisioning and save on TCO.
  • Speed and Agility: The integration of HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy with VMware Cloud Foundation enables companies to accelerate time to value. HPE Synergy allows customers to compose resources to dynamically configure them to meet the needs of VMware Cloud Foundation workloads and scale when needed – enabling IT and developers to spin up new resources for faster app provisioning. With HPE GreenLake metering and capacity management, the resources required for each workload are ready to deploy in minutes, not months, shortening time to deploy global IT projects by 65%., accordint to Forrester research.
  • Control, Security, and Workload Optimization: Customers can use the HPE Right Mix Advisor to identify which workloads and applications are ideal to move to public clouds, or keep in private clouds, and how to migrate those workloads to achieve the optimal mix of hybrid cloud. HPE Right Mix Advisor delivers data-driven guidance that allows customers to remain in control of IT operations, policies, and procedures, achieve increased performance and manage costs for each workload.

“Cloud has fundamentally changed customers’ expectations around IT. They seek an experience that allows them to act with agility, and dynamically compose resources based on business demands,” said Phil Davis, President – Hybrid IT, HPE.

“VMware and HPE have a long history of co-innovation, and today we are enabling customers to bring the cloud experience to their data center. Our vision is built on a single platform that can span across multiple clouds and puts companies in a better position to take advantage of new business opportunities without the management complexity and cost,” added Davis.

“Customers demand a cloud experience that offers high levels of flexibility and functionality to deliver consistent infrastructure and operations,” said John Gilmartin, GM and SVP – HCI Business Unit, VMware.

“VMware is working closely with HPE to give our mutual customers the freedom and flexibility to consume hybrid cloud as a service, empowering them to unleash the full potential of the hybrid cloud. This will enable organizations with greater degrees of cost management, business automation, and innovation,” added Gilmartin.

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