ESDS Software and ICAR to deliver a Decision Support System

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Mumbai: Data centre player ESDS Software and ICAR – Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research (DOGR) have announced their affiliation to help farmers.

The Pune-based reputed institute ICAR- DOGR focusing on merging innovation with entrepreneurship in agriculture and ESDS Software have formed an alliance to aid farmers with a Decision Support System (DSS) for guidance and management of onions and garlic.

DSS is a computerised program, used to support determinations, judgments, and courses of action in an organisation or a business. It leverages a massive amount of data and information that helps in decision-making processes.

ESDS’ digital agro platform Famrut assists the farmers in extracting high yield and thereby income from their land by linking them with appropriate stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem. Through Famrut, ESDS aims to provide farming solutions to farmers across the nation.

The association between ESDS Software and ICAR enables a vital Decision Supports System for farmers that will help them in varietal selection, pest and disease management, and nutrition management for onion and garlic. It will also provide an advisory support system and market support system.

Additionally, it will have an onion and garlic knowledge portal with a technology repository and a registration platform for the onion and garlic stakeholders like farmers, farmer producer organisations, exporters and private organisations.

“This association will be the best suit for every onion and garlic producer as it will connect the farmers with a government organisation that is dedicated to their wellbeing through an easy-to-use medium,” said Kishore Shah, Head of SPOCHUB – an ESDS initiative.

“ICAR- DOGR services offered through Famrut will help simplify the farmers’ jobs in their field with a solid research-based, and data-driven Decision Support System,” added Shah.

“The collaboraition betweeen ESDS Software and ICAR-DOGR will help to connect the organisation with millions of farmers. It will additionally prosper our vision to promote the overall growth of onion and garlic in terms of enhancement of quality production, export, and processing,” said R. B. Kale, Officer-In-Charge at ICAR – Directorate of Onion & Garlic Research (DOGR).

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