ESDS launches its digital agro platform – Famrut


Mumbai: Managed cloud service provider ESDS has launched its digital platform Famrut at its Nashik Data Centre this week.

Famrut app’s main objective is to assist the farmers in extracting maximum yield and earning revenue from their piece of land by connecting them with relevant stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem. Through the Famrut app, the company aims to deliver farming solutions to farmers across the nation.

The majority of the farmers face many difficulties. That includes insufficient resources, lack of direct access to the markets, unpredictable weather conditions that affect crops production, and time-consuming labourious manual processes.

ESDS’ Famrut will enable farmers to connect with agronomists of their choice, accessibility to banking and insurance products, markets, and crop and cattle management, logistics and solutions help with farming.

“I am very proud of the entire team at ESDS for developing Famrut. This app has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the farmers and how we can help solve them,” said Piyush Somani, MD and Chairman – ESDS.

“Famrut is a solution for our farmers. We are a technology-driven company, and it has been our constant endeavor to use technology. Famrut is our first step in the agri-tech sector, and we aim at helping the farmers, co-operative societies, as well as the government through this initiative,” added Somani.

“Our team has worked hard for developing Famrut app, and we all are thrilled to see this product finally getting launched,” said Kishore Shah, Head – SPOCHUB.

“Famrut app is aimed at being a helpful tool for our farmers. Our aim is to simplify the farmers’ jobs in their field using technology and attempt to increase their income through the ecosystem. Famrut is developed to meet their needs. With research on the ground, inputs from various specialists in the agriculture sector, and a mix of digital technology, Famrut has been created,” added Shah.

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