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Equinix digital interconnection services are now available in India

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Bangalore: Equinix has announced the launch of its digital interconnection services in India.

Equinix digital interconnection services include Equinix Fabric, Equinix Internet Exchange and Equinix Internet Access. With these services, the company aims to empower Indian businesses and organisations with secure and agile digital infrastructure.

More and more businesses in India realise the fundamental role of interconnection in their digital transformation journey. India is a high-growth digital market, which is experiencing a data revolution, the company said.

The newly launched services with advanced capabilities will help establish data centre-to-data centre network connections on demand within a city or even between locations globally with software-defined interconnection.

According to Manoj Paul, MD – Equinix India, enterprises are increasingly using on-demand interconnection provided by data centre providers to connect with multiple cloud service providers, network service providers and other businesses.

“The new services are now available in India and will enable businesses to leverage the highly differentiated interconnection services to reach new customers in new markets and efficiently implement their hybrid multicloud strategy,” added Paul.

Further, “Through Equinix Fabric, businesses in India can also interconnect with companies deployed in more than 245 data centres around the world, improving their access to the markets beyond their borders,” emphasized Paul.

Equinix Fabric is a secure, software-defined interconnection service that helps customers build digital infrastructure and services on demand at software speed. It supports scaling up hybrid deployments, achieving network agility and directly connecting to partners and providers easily and securely.

Equinix Internet Exchange aggregates thousands of peering sessions, lowers costs and enhances network control, performance, speed and reliability. This interconnection service enables networks, content providers and large enterprises to exchange internet traffic and expand operations globally.

Equinix Internet Access provides internet access in the company’s International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres across more than 50+ markets globally.

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