DevRev brings OneCRM Cloud to Mumbai region

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Mumbai: DevRev, Inc., makers of OneCRM – a platform purpose-built for digital companies to bring customer support, product, and growth teams together today announced the general availability of OneCRM apps in the Mumbai region during its inaugural user conference in India,

Late last year, the company announced customisable LLMs and in-browser analytics to make GenAI actionable and affordable within the enterprise.

“The founders of DevRev had earlier built the HCI market in IT infrastructure with Nutanix and proved at scale that India can successfully virtualize its on-prem infrastructure by leapfrogging the complexities of VMware and 3-tier datacenters, legacies that kept virtualization penetration abysmally low in the country,” said Sunil Mahale, DevRev’s newly appointed APAC Sales Leader.

SaaS 1.0 in India has very low penetration because it’s complex, unaffordable, and built with a single-purpose departmental CRM mindset of 20 years ago. GenAI is now a natural catalyst for converging CRMs, reminiscent of how iPhones converged single-purpose consumer devices and AWS converged a multitude of single-purpose datacenter hardware devices,” added Neeraj Matiyani, most recently at AWS and now Sales Head of DevRev India.

OneCRM, a blueprint for SaaS 2.0, has been purpose-built for digital companies building software, managing products, and supporting customers. The AI-native apps comprise the essential platform – PLuG chatbot, Support, Build, and Grow respectively.

It encompasses four key areas –built to support end users with self-service, support staff with a modern Support CRM, product managers and developers with a modern Product CRM, and growth staff with a modern Sales CRM that natively brings Customer 360 and Product 360 to the frontline employees. At the user conference, the company also announced the general availability of PLuG Enterprise, a chatbot capability that enables GenAI-powered user observability with immense economies of scale.

“Enterprises today are unable to capture, observe, and analyse user and session information with the highest privacy and compliance standards. Consequently, support staff and product managers struggle to improve customer service and product quality, and developers struggle with reproducing user reported problems without multiple roundtrips with the end user,” commented Vimlesh Gautam, a GM of DevRev.

“With PLuG, DevRev customers can now crawl and index social media and app store activity, cluster and classify them into tickets, and store vast amounts of session observability data for subsequent processing with LLMs and in-browser databases,” added Michael Machado, DevRev’s Head of Products.

DevRev further announced that it has effortlessly crossed 5,000 Product-Led Growth (“PLG”) customers, and airdropped 50 million objects from legacy Atlassian Jira, Zendesk, and Salesforce systems. It also generated 10 billion GPT input tokens and 1 billion GPT output tokens and served 1 billion low-latency API calls. The company consistently does large enterprise deals with 1-click migration plans, on the strength of its AI capabilities in Airdrop and Marketplace snap-ins.