Coforge launches Quasar Responsible AI

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Greater Noida: Coforge, a global digital services and solutions provider, has introduced a Quasar Responsible AI solution. With this new solution, the company has strengthened its artificial intelligence (AI) offerings.

Coforge’s Quasar Responsible AI is a comprehensive solution that guarantees the utilisation of AI adheres to ethical standards, fairness, transparency, and regulatory compliance. It tackles biases in datasets and models, identifies potential risks and compliance issues, and provides tools to govern, mitigate, and remediate these challenges.

By fostering trust among AI stakeholders, this solution ensures that AI augments human capabilities without compromising rights or impacting societal inequities.

As businesses progressively integrate AI, the notion of Responsible AI has become a crucial concern to guarantee that AI applications uphold ethical principles, fairness, security, and conformity with applicable regulations and standards.

“Recently, Coforge introduced Quasar Generative AI, enabling enterprises to create and deploy their applications powered by Generative AI on a large scale. With the introduction of Coforge Quasar Responsible AI, our portfolio now encompasses three facets of AI: Cognitive AI, Generative AI, and Responsible AI, effectively meeting the diverse business requirements of our customers,” said Sudarshan Seshadri, Coforge’s SVP of Data and AI Business Unit.

“Coforge is already empowering leading Fortune 1000 companies with personalised AI solutions through Coforge Quasar Cognitive AI, covering areas such as Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech-to-Text/Text-to-Speech, and Knowledge Graphs,” added Seshadri.

Bharathi Muniswamy, Coforge’s SVP of Digital Business Unit, emphasized that “Coforge Quasar Responsible AI empowers organisations in their AI adoption journey by upholding ethical principles, ensuring fairness, bolstering security, and adhering to applicable regulations and standards. It guarantees a transparent integration of AI across all facets of their operations.

“The inclusion of this solution in Coforge’s existing AI suite, comprising Quasar Cognitive and Generative AI, offers us a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Through early implementation and practical application, Coforge has proactively initiated the strategic utilisation of Responsible AI,” added Muniswamy.

This comprehensive solution encompasses five distinctive offerings tailored to address the multifaceted challenges of Responsible AI implementation: “Fairness AI” ensures equity by incorporating powerful bias detection and mitigation features.

“Explainable AI” takes a comprehensive approach to transparency through exploratory data analysis and performance assessment.

“Compliance AI” provides a suite of services for thorough risk analysis, third-party AI risk management, regulatory risk mitigation, and multi-stakeholder reporting.

“Trust AI” establishes a secure and reliable environment by implementing data obfuscation, toxicity analysis, prompt optimization, and robust LLM governance.

“Governance AI” integrates features such as drift detection, adversarial detection, outlier and data integrity analysis, coupled with comprehensive monitoring.

Together, these offerings form a cohesive framework, empowering organisations to responsibly and ethically leverage the potential of AI. This solution sets the stage for a more equitable, secure, and trustworthy AI-powered world, where AI serves as a force for progress and shared prosperity.