CleverTap strengthens EU compliance with local deployment

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Mountain View, USA – Amsterdam, Netherlands: CleverTap has further strengthened its compliance in the EU region, through data centres hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), according to a company statement.

With this move, CleverTap has aimed at enhancing the protection of the personal data of EU residents and citizens.

EU Compliance

EU compliance under the GDPR regulation requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. And noncompliance could attract heavy fines and penalties for the violating company.

Given the strict EU compliance under the GDPR regulation, companies and businesses that intend to operate in the EU region are mandatorily required to host data centres locally and adhere to a long list of strict rules and norms.

Heavy penalties and fines

The company which has made violations, but not so severe nature could face a fine of €10 million or 2% of its annual revenue from the preceding financial year, depending on which amount is higher.

For more serious violations, the company can end up paying a fine of €20 million or 4% of its annual revenue from the preceding year. The heavy penalties of EU compliance violation rules are in accordance with GDPR regulations

EU compliance is considered the most stringent in the world due to its mandatory requirements as well as the extremely high fines and penalties for any violations.

In 2022, the Irish Data Protection Commission levied €405 million in fines against the Meta-owned social networking app Instagram for violating children’s privacy, as it had published email addresses and phone numbers. In 2021, Amazon faced a €746 million penalty for violations.

Hence it is important for companies like CleveTap to comply with the EU region’s compliance and data privacy laws as it expands its business operations and taps the European markets with local customers.

“Whether it be with respect to our core product offerings or compliance with local data regulations – maintaining the highest standards of safety has always been a top priority for us at CleverTap,” said Pravin Laghaate, VP – Europe CleverTap.

“Coupled with adept on-ground go-to-market teams consisting of sales, customer success, product development and technical support, the local deployment of our platform within the EU will further enhance the CleverTap experience for our European clientele,” added Laghaate.

“The local deployment serves as a testament to our commitment towards not only delivering strong growth and return on investment (ROI) to our customers but simultaneously ensuring their data is safe and compliant,” he concluded.

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