BGSW plans to hire over 5500 techies and open centres

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Bengaluru: Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) has announced a change in the company name. RBEI has changed the company name to Bosch Global Software Technologies Private Limited (BGSW), effective from January 3 2022.

For the first time, this company has been rebranded after its inception as RBEI in 1997. This move is part of the company’s restructuring plan initiated in Q2, 2020 to speed up its business strategy and efforts to address future market demands and adapt to change.

With the new identity, BGSW has announced plans to expand its tech workforce and centres this year. It plans to hire over 5500 engineers with a focus on niche skills like AI, ML, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and other new-age technologies in the areas of Automotive, IT and Digital.

It will hire more than 5500 engineers in 2022 and will open centres in new locations within India and Asia region. The company will launch centres in Hyderabad, Pune in India and Hanoi in Vietnam later in the year.

The company said it will invest substantially to create platforms for innovation and promote research and development (R&D) in new-age technologies as it focuses on software capabilities and expertise.

“We have been a software company since inception and this name change is an emphatic commitment to strengthen our best-in-class software engineering,” said Dattatri Salagame, CEO, President and MD – Bosch Global Software Technologies.

“We want to provide an environment which is conducive to create, innovate and experiment to solve important customer problems using technology and win more for Bosch. For that, bringing in the best software talent will serve as our competitive advantage,” added Salagame.

“To build best-in-class software products and solutions, having best-in-class talent is key. We are strengthening our focus on industry-academia collaborations, startups and partners to create more opportunities of co-innovating and co-engineering,” added Sriram TV, VP – Human Resources, BGSW.

The Bangalore based BGSW is the largest software and technology centre for Bosch outside Germany with a delivery and sales network across several global locations such as Mexico, Vietnam, North America, Japan, Germany, the Middle East and India.

The Bosch Group operates in India through thirteen different companies.

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