Beauty brand POND’S brings first AI-powered skin diagnostic chatbot

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Singapore: Beauty brand POND’S today said that it is launching the world’s first AI-powered skin diagnostic chatbot.

Leveraging a combination of advanced AI and skin diagnosis technology, the chatbot will help consumers combat skincare concerns across four main areas — uneven skin tone, spots, pimples and wrinkles.

The Skin Advisor Live bot, named ‘SAL’, embraces Google‘s highly superior neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and BrighTex BioPhotonics‘ (BTBP) DeepTag skin diagnosis technology to offer consumers advanced skin diagnoses through an intuitive and fun chat.

BTBP’s DeepTag technology – a patented skin map technology from Silicon Valley — and clinical research data from The POND’S Institute will be utilized to deliver skin diagnoses of unparalleled accuracy and of a higher consistency match rate compared to dermatologists.

Using their highly customized diagnosis from SAL, combined with product recommendations backed by years of in-depth research by POND’S, consumers are able to select a reliable personal skincare product and regime recommendation to help meet their particular skincare needs.

SAL is available in Indonesia via messenging app LINE, and Argentina, Columbia, United Arab Emirates and South Africa via Facebook Messenger.

“POND’S has always been known for providing consumers with expert skincare and making beauty more accessible,” says Rohit Bhasin, Global Brand Vice President, POND’S, Unilever. “We recognise how confusing and overwhelming it can be for anyone to pick the right skincare products when there are so many choices.

“We want to use technology to solve this problem, by helping consumers gain a deeper understanding of their skin type and matching them with the most effective products. With SAL, consumers can build and optimise their skincare regime — via popular social messaging apps — through this science-based, data-led skin diagnostic tool.”

How is skin diagnosed?
Consumers upload a selfie, complete a short quiz and their customized results will be ready in under a minute. 

How does SAL diagnose skin?
Skin will be analyzed by BTBP DeepTag’s advanced AI technology and results will be classified across four indicators of skin health: uneven skin tone, spots, pimples and wrinkles.

“We believe that skincare should be built upon a deep knowledge and understanding of each individual’s skin,” says Judy Mao, Research and Development Director – Global Design, POND’S.

“This is why we worked with BTBP to create SAL to help consumers diagnose their skin easily. SAL is a game-changer when it comes to skin diagnoses and our product recommendation tool is backed by years of consumer research and product trials. The POND’S Institute will continue to explore innovative ways to help consumers improve their skin health,” adds Mao.

Speaking on behalf of BrighTex BioPhotonics, Raj Chhibber, CEO says, “We are delighted to collaborate closely with POND’S to bring a smarter skincare regime to consumers around the world bringing a new level of accuracy on the skin diagnostic results, resulting in a more accurate skincare products and regime recommendation.”

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