Atos new modular storage appliances range for Supercomputing

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Frankfurt, Germany: Atos new modular storage appliances range BullSequana Xstor targets Supercomputing user organisations. According to Atos, BullSequana Xstor, is a new range of modular storage appliances, which enables organisations to harness the power of supercomputing now and in the future.

The BullSequana Xstor is a high-performing storage appliance to meet the constant growth in data and its processing. This offer is scalable to support future storage needs, modular (it can either focus on optimized bandwidth or storage capacity) and cost-optimized.

Atos’ new offering brings together Supercomputing and Data Management. This pre-tested storage appliance with pre-installed offers fast deployment and comes with a single monitoring tool to offer ease of use. It is a complete plug-and-play solution, the company said.

Atos claimed BullSequana Xstor is the first storage system available in the market. And it is optimised for Simulation, Data Lake, AI and Data Tiering, using various dedicated file systems such as lustre, CEPH and HPSS.

“With our new BullSequana xStor offering, we are proving to our customers an improved way to master end-to-end solutions coupling Supercomputing and Data Management,” said Agnès Boudot, GM and SVP, Head of HPC & Quantum Business line – Atos.

Atos said that HPC users are just beginning to feel the possibilities of Hybrid Computing. After developing BullSequana XH2000 the first fully hybrid computing solution, the company introduce its hybrid storage solution. The goal is to support customers as a trusted partner, in addition to meeting their specific needs.

The BullSequana Xstor from Atos is a new range of modular storage appliances designed for HPC’s current and future needs. This solution focuses on Performance, Modularity, Scalability and Cost Optimization to deliver customers a new range of capabilities.

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