Ankura launches its operations in India

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Mumbai: Global advisory firm Ankura Consulting has launched its operations in India with new offices in Mumbai and Gurgaon. The new offices offer multidisciplinary services with a focus on data and technology capabilities in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Ankura aims to deliver automated and repeatable services in the areas of monitoring and early identification of non-compliance, risk and fraud, financial crime, and cyber threats. It has appointed a team of more than 30 professionals in India to provide services across data and technology, valuations and compliance.

In addition, Ankura has a dedicated Center of Excellence for Data and Technology in India. It delivers new technology solutions for Iocal and global clients.

This expansion in India is part of additional future growth investment in the Asia Pacific according to the company.

“Ankura’s continued global expansion and growing client needs in the Asia-Pacific region created a unique opportunity for us to open our India offices. India is a global hub for many industries where multinational companies are managing a myriad of complex issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic, cost pressures, and regulatory changes,” said Kevin Lavin, Ankura CEO.

“We look forward to building our team in India and bringing our global expertise to bear in helping companies in the APAC region resolve and navigate some of their most pressing and complex issues,” added Lavin.

“India is a strategic market in the roadmap for expanding Ankura’s global footprint and bolstering its business growth. We are investing in readiness to address potential distress in the economy and increased regulatory pressures, due to the post COVID-19 business environment, along with increased economic and geo-political turmoil,” said Amit Jaju, Senior Managing Director.

“We believe that businesses today face greater exposure and risk of fraud, cyber threats, and financial crime. Our vision, at Ankura, is to help our clients by utilizing our expertise supported by advanced, customized, and relevant technology solutions and services,” added Jaju.

Founded in 2014, Ankura has achieved significant annual growth over the years. It employs more than 1,600 professionals in 35 offices worldwide.

“Our clients in Asia are seeing an unprecedented time of social and economic change, with immense support required to help protect, create, and recover value for clients across the entire corporate lifecycle,” said Simon Michaels, Ankura – Chairman of EMEA and APAC.

The market in India serves domestic businesses and multinational institutions operating from India according to Michaels is seeing unparalleled demand.

“The opening of our offices in Mumbai and Gurgaon allows us to enhance our ability to deliver local solutions whilst leveraging our global best practices to provide effective solutions for our clients’ complex challenges,” added Michaels.

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