Skanda Jayaraman joins Qapita’s digital marketplace

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Hyderabad: Qapita, an equity management digital platform has named investment banker Skanda Jayaraman as CEO of its digital marketplace for private securities.

As CEO, Skanda Jayaraman will oversee the launch of the Qapita marketplace that offers a full-stack solution to clients across India and SE Asia. The digital marketplace offers solutions not limited to liquidity solutions to the employees and early investors on Qapita’s customers’ CapTables.

Qapita aims to be a one-stop-shop for all CapTable management for private companies and the marketplace will be integral to our strategy to dominate the mind and wallet share in the region.

The Singapore and Bangalore based company had earlier announced that it secured investment and a partnership with Citigroup to accelerate its platform. Qapita plans to facilitate liquidity solutions via a digital marketplace enabling transactions for companies between investors and employee stakeholders.

Prior to joining Qapita, Skanda was leading Spark Capital as MD and Head of Investment Banking. He grew Spark Capital’s business multi-fold into the respected pan-India franchise.

He has a deep understanding of private market transactions and an extensive network of relationships in the VC and PE communities. Qapita will leverage Skanda’s experience to build a unified platform and offer liquidity solutions to its clients, their shareholders and employees.

“There cannot be a better time to build an operating system and rails for a marketplace for private securities. Qapita will continue to invest in talent and capabilities across SaaS, capital markets, and digital ledger technology. Skanda is an experienced leader who can guide this intersectional team,” said Ravi Ravulaparthi, CEO and Co-Founder of Qapita.

“Qapita has assembled an excellent multi-disciplinary team to solve this complex problem at scale. Excited to be building a tech-powered platform to unlock liquidity solutions in a soon-to-be trillion dollar private market,” said Skanda Jayaraman.

“I look forward to working alongside the founders Ravi, Lakshman and Vamsee to build Qapita into a leading platform,” added Jayaraman.

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