Zoom Up Partner Program offers deeper partaking, benefits

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Zoom announced its new Zoom Up Partner Program.

Mumbai: Zoom Video Communications launched its new Zoom Up Partner Program. The company said its new program is a unified, holistic, global partner framework for partners to transact and grow their business with Zoom.

The Zoom Up Partner Program rewards partners for their continued investments in Zoom and introduces new ways to engage and leverage the Zoom platform.

With the new partner program, like many other tech vendors, Zoom also aims to build deeper engagements through its single and simple technology architecture. Besides, it wants its partners to invest at different levels in Zoom’s ecosystem and offer them rewards in return.

Five key business benefits

The new program incentivizes and authorizes partners to accesss further knowledge and expertise that help them expand their customer reach as well as differentiate their business. Broadly, the new partner program provides five key business benefits.
A Single and Simple Architecture: A unified, holistic framework enables further alignment and cohesiveness between Zoom and partners – such as resellers, carriers, distributors, ISV, Master Agents, referral partners, and more – by providing an easy-to-follow pathway that clearly communicates requirements and benefits.

Rewards for Partner Investment: This newly redesigned program directly aligns partner rewards with the partner’s level of investment in Zoom, incentivizing continued growth within Zoom’s rich ecosystem of partner resources.

Expertise and Transformation: Zoom Up gives partners the opportunity to expand their Zoom skill sets through new competencies and accreditations. Zoom Up provides a clear roadmap of how partners can further develop their desired areas of expertise.

Marketing to Accelerate Partner Growth: The new program is also unlocking additional marketing benefits and resources for partners. From the Partner Demand Center for demand generation in any language to additional marketing development funds for the highest levels of the new program.

Collaboration with partners

“Our partners play a valuable role in helping to drive adoption of the Zoom platform in the region. We are excited to elevate our collaboration with partners through the Zoom Up Partner Program,” said Vishal Amin, Channel Head – India and SAARC, Zoom.

“The partner program will provide our partners with the tools and support that they need to be successful in helping customers transition seamlessly to a hybrid environment,” added Amin.

“At Zoom, we remain committed to supporting our ever-expanding partner network with advanced capabilities and programs that enable more efficient ways of doing business for all stakeholders,” commented Amin.

“Our partnership with Zoom highlights our commitment to supporting customers in increasing productivity, engagement and communication as they move to a hybrid environment,” said Rohit Singal, VP of Rahi India. Rahi is one of the many India based partners of Zoom.

“With new features to leverage the Zoom platform for better business outcomes, the Zoom Up Partner Program will allow us to further innovate and grow our business in the region,” added Singal.

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