ServiceNow updates partner programme to tap $500 billion market

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Las Vegas, USA: In a big move, ServiceNow has updated its partner programme to further push partner growth and customer success. The company on Wednesday announced its partner programme transformation during the Partner Kickoff event in Las Vegas.

ServiceNow announced its partner programme transformation with the aim to support the $500 billion market opportunity for its Now Platform and associated partner services.

The multi-year partner programme transformation also includes a new Partner Development Fund among other incentives and benefits for the partners. The company announced its updated ServiceNow Partner Program during the Partner Kickoff event in Las Vegas.

The company said its expansive partner ecosystem is critical to helping joint customers realise the full value of the Now Platform. In doing so, ServiceNow is investing in new initiatives to facilitate and expand partners’ expertise, differentiate their skills, and maximise their unique contributions and help them.

“The vision for ServiceNow partners is that they should be treated as co-creators of value, and as co-pilots on our journey to becoming the platform for digital business,” said Erica Volini, Service Now’s SVP of Alliances and Channel ecosystem.

“Our reimagined Partner Programme creates unbounded opportunity for partners to expand and collaborate with ServiceNow well beyond where we can go alone. We are investing in partner success, championing their expertise, and giving them flexibility to drive exponential value with our platform,” added Volini.

Full details of the new ServiceNow Partner Programme were announced today and include:

More flexibility to create value: ServiceNow is creating four new, distinct modules in which partners can choose to participate: Build, Consulting & Implementation, Resale, and Service Provider.

Through these modules, partners will be able to better align with the unique roles and routes to market within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

New incentives to enable partner growth: ServiceNow is unveiling new partner incentives to maximise their investments and foster additional opportunities to demonstrate expertise and capabilities.

All qualifying partners will now have access to a new Partner Development Fund, a co-funded investment program, as well as simplified discounts and rebates that will help to speed up growth and profitability.

Transforming the partner experience: ServiceNow is rolling out an updated partner experience and benefits tied to different partner modules and the unique contributions partners bring to the ecosystem.

Key experience enhancements include – an improved partner portal making it easier for partners to work directly with ServiceNow, and an improved “partner finder” enabling customers to find the right partner to best suit their business needs by region, industry, or domain expertise.

The new ServiceNow Partner Programme will be available for all partners beginning March 6, 2023. The partner programme was updated taking into account feedback from existing partners, who have already expressed their support for the transformation.

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