OKEx devotes $100 million for Blockchain growth in Asia

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New Delhi: Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx Asia is all set to allocate a $100 million fund for blockchain development in Aisa.

OKEx supports and encourages high-quality projects with great potential via the OKEx Blockdream Ventures. Recently, the company has also launched its Moon landing programme that is in line with increasing its marketing and communication efforts in the continent.

OKEx will allocate a 100 million fund to bring cutting edge technology and blockchain possibilities in the Asia region.

Founded in 2017, OKEx is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchanges. It will also commemorate this November month in the name of cryptocurrency founder Satoshi Nakamoto as Satoshi month to spread awareness of blockchain technology.

The Satoshi month event consists of numerous events and roundtable panel discussions with the industry pioneers and brightest minds across crypto and blockchain.

“As we are proceeding towards the next industrial revolution and contrary to the previous IR 4.0, communities and infrastructure will both be an important element,” said Asia CEO Netero.

“We hope with our Satoshi Month awareness event, we can educate and bring to the masses the limitless possibilities of the blockchain revolution,” Netero commented on the inauguration of the annual Satoshi Month event.

Economies, digital identities and communities are soon going to be superimposed with each other. Consider these the layers that blockchain is and will thrive on. OKEx Asia has always been supportive of the latest in blockchain technology and encourages it via various initiatives.

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