GajShield Infotech launches channel partner training

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Mumbai: GajShield Infotech has launched Channel partner training to help companies expand their market reach. This channel partner training is invaluable for equipping their network with the know-how to serve customers in the best way possible and, in the process, win loyalty and become a champion of the brand.

For GajShield, channel partner training is an excellent opportunity to equip companies with the necessary information to function well with their entire customer base. It includes training them on their brand, products and applications, regulations, and how to sell its product or services better.

Its training equips partners with crucial information regarding handling the product, the company’s consistent messaging, and maintenance capabilities. It comprises in-person and online instruction, including product overview pamphlets, Q&A message boards, and lessons.

It shall consist of 6 modules, and partners can complete the final assessment with an 80% passing grade through hands-on product training. GajShield Infotech would then issue an expert completion certificate to these partners.

Another way for GajShield to motivate its channel partners is by baking its critical enterprise processes into their training. It ensures that partners understand the core business values and the vital role channel partners play in representing the company’s culture.

These well-informed and highly trained partners can help GajShield’s business grow and enter new markets. They plan to take their partner channel training to the next level by moving it online and implementing data-driven strategies that will make training comfortable and engaging for the trainees and easy for them to organise and manage.
GajShield’s channel partner training operates differently to apply best practices while engaging with customers to make a considerable difference to ongoing sales figures. It mainly incorporates conversations about customer satisfaction with their product.

Such valuable channel partner training is key to a channel partner strategy for GajShield to expand beyond traditional territories, whether domestically or internationally. The advantages of these channel partners’ training are new sales, less overhead costs, an expanded footprint, and increased market share.
“We believe that educating partners on how to employ best practices when interacting with clients can significantly impact ongoing sales figures, particularly regarding discussions regarding client satisfaction with your goods,” said Sonit Jain, CEO of GajShield Infotech.

“The core of our channel partner training is concentrated on our data-driven products. Partners receive comprehensive instruction on our products throughout the training, which includes everything from fundamental specifications and installation to sophisticated troubleshooting,” added Jain.
“I really enjoyed the structure of GajShield’s channel partner training. It was very insightful and interactive, and the content was personally and professionally relevant to me. The focus was on equipping partners with crucial information regarding GajShield’s data products and a step-by-step walkthrough of the maintenance capabilities,” said Pankaj Rawat, Microline India’s Senior Pre-sales Engineer.


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