G7CR Technologies is GitHub’s Advanced Channel Partner

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Bangalore: G7CR Technologies has become a GitHub Advanced Channel Partner, giving its clients access to GitHub Enterprise platform.

GitHub is home to the world’s largest developer community, with over 56 million developers who collaborate across 100 million repos, from all over the world.
Recent research shows 52% of organisations think people and skills issues are the biggest obstacle to adopting modern software engineering practices in-house.

With access to GitHub Enterprise platform, G7 CR Technologies will be helping its clients reduce time to market for business-critical development projects.

This is especially critical in today’s challenging environment when organisations are looking to launch new services and business models to help their customers.
Enterprise developers will be able to work within a private environment but also connect with the developer community as they look to bring a fresh perspective, which is extremely important as organisations look to build more human-centric products.
“DevOps is a key offering from G7 CR as today’s businesses rely heavily on speed and this partnership is intended to bring the best skills and tools to enable faster, automated and secure product lifecycle,” said Dr Christopher Richard, MD & Chief Cloud Architect, G7CR Technologies.

“GitHub and its Enterprise offering enable organisations to bring the best developer experience within their company’s firewall, and we can help bring the expertise to ensure large organisations benefit from it,” added Richard.
“As a GitHub Advanced Channel Partner, G7 CR Technologies will help scale adoption of GitHub Enterprise to provide businesses with the most advanced developer experience to power innovation,” said Maneesh Sharma, Country Manager, GitHub India.

“GitHub and G7 CR Technologies share a similar goal of modernizing software development and bringing world-class tools to customers,” added Sharma.

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