raises $600,000 to build AI Co-Pilot

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Bangalore:, an engineering analytics platform, has raised $600,000 in its first funding round. The round was led by Powerhouse Ventures, and other investors, including Sunn91 Ventures, PointOne Capital, and select angel investors, participated in the round. plans to channel its latest funding into amplifying its AI capabilities.

Founded in 2022 by Pruthviraj Haral and Rishi Saraf, industry leaders from Disney and Wingify, DevDynamics is building a co-pilot for software engineering leaders to drive peak performance at all levels.

The platform integrates with major engineering tools such as Jira, Github, Pagerduty, CI/CD tools and several others. DevDynamics has already racked up an impressive list of customers consisting of unicorns across retail, fintech, online marketplaces, etc.

The platform assists engineering leaders in optimizing engineering operations by using research-backed metrics like the DORA and SPACE framework. By identifying bottlenecks throughout the software development lifecycle, the product provides actionable insights to improve developer productivity and shipping velocity.

DevDynamics believes that meaningful conversations between engineering leaders and their team members are key to driving higher performance. The platform helps create the full picture of a team’s work by gathering data from multiple tools. It supplements this with surveys that provide the team’s sentiment about the culture, processes and tools. This wealth of data and intelligent insights helps leaders unlock the full potential of their teams.

“In just the initial months, the response we’ve seen has been truly overwhelming. We’re seeing some transformative possibilities with AI in areas like driving engineering productivity and building alignment with business goals. In conversations with customers, they’re as excited as we are about where AI can take us,” said Pruthviraj Haral, Founder of DevDynamics.

“ stands out in this space, primarily because it’s steered by seasoned leaders from giants like Disney, Walmart, and VWO. Their experience can be seen in the product with customers already reporting an impressive 30% increase in vital KPIs such as engineering throughput and velocity,” added Kshitij Golwalkar from Powerhouse Ventures.

Continuous improvement in engineering is about having clear goals and measuring progress towards them. To make this possible, DevDynamics helps teams adopt engineering best practices and assign them as goals to each team and individual. The platform then provides progress indicators against the goals and Slack alerts to help teams stay aligned.

Looking ahead, DevDynamics’ AI copilot feature will help software leaders explore insights, get suggestions and anticipate challenges – transforming the landscape of engineering decision-making.

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