Crestron marks Technology Day to value its customers, partners

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New Delhi: Crestron, a workplace automation and collaboration solutions company, held another brand new edition of Technology Day, on January 18 in Delhi. The company considers its customers and partners its most valued assets and hence, holds Technology Day to celebrate its customers and partners in a day-long event.

Technology Day was celebrated in two forms, namely the customer event and the partner event. It witnessed Crestron exhibiting its best-in-class technology solutions to the attending delegates.

The event also offered them a platform to have conversations and discussions with industry peers while also understanding Crestron’s solutions experts about how they can transform their traditional workplaces into digital workplaces.

Crestron Electronics is known for empowering its end-users through its tools which lets them be more productive, be it inside or outside of the office. For example, creating workspaces that promote productivity and attract employees to the office with easy scheduling and better collaboration that deliver an improved workflow in the hybrid world.
The event showcased Crestron’s AV and UC Solutions:

  • Crestron Flex
  • AirMedia
  • Flex Room Scheduling
  • XIO Cloud & VC4

“It has been two years of the pandemic and the way of working has changed tremendously, across the board. We are glad to be the facilitator of this change through our technology. However, this facilitation would not have been possible without our customers and partners and hence, we like to park a day for them through this Technology Day,” said Gagan Verma, VP of Crestron India and SAARC

The day-long celebration had its afternoon dedicated to its partners and evening to its customers, providing them with an opportunity to experience the latest in AV & UC technology with Crestron. This event, held every year, helps Crestron expand its horizon, through its technological innovation.

“It’s our pleasure to take out a day to be with our customers and partners as we are what we are, because of them. Having all of them under one roof, together, is an overwhelming emotion for us. And we know, it is the strength of all of us that will take us to newer heights,” said Jacques Bertrand, EVP of Crestron Asia,

“We are sure a Technology Day is the mode which can help us bond with each other and understand better to be more aligned and focused towards our growth as an organisation and individuals,” added Bertrand.

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