Trend Micro opens MEA HQ in Riyadh

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Trend Micro announced the opening of its regional Middle East & Africa (MEA) headquarters in Riyadh during the first edition of the global technology event LEAP22.

Along with the regional MEA HQ, Trend Micro announced a security data lake and other investments in Saudi Arabia worth over $50 million.

It has become the first global cybersecurity company to launch its MEA HQ and a local cloud data lake inside Saudi Arabia.

The investments aim to amplify Trend Micro’s continued commitment to protecting the public and private organisations in the Kingdom and across the entire region.

Trend Micro announced a cybersecurity Software as a Service (SaaS) data lake for cloud security, endpoint security and network security. Along with extended detection and response (EDR) solutions that will all be provided locally from inside the Kingdom.

The security data lake is a centralised repository for maintaining and managing all logs or other data sources relevant to an organisation’s security posture. It’s a single place for security data to be housed, parsed, searched and utilised.

The company also announced the establishment of a Center of Excellence (CoE) for cybersecurity expert advisory resources in the Kingdom. The CoE will develop services and initiatives to help businesses improve their cybersecurity and create programs to help raise awareness of cybersecurity and online safety issues for families.

The new Riyadh HQ office has facilities such as centres for executive briefing, learning and innovation, meeting rooms and community gathering spaces.

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