Palo Alto Networks next-gen firewall secures ESDS’ virtual environment

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Mumbai: Palo Alto Networks VM-series virtualized next-generation firewell solution has secured ESDS virtual environment.

ESDS is one of India’s leading managed data center services and auto-scalable cloud solution providers. Established in 2005, ESDS hosts about 310 banks—including cooperative banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and payment banks—on its Banking Community cloud.

Additionally, ESDS has a Government Community cloud that adheres to stringent compliance requirements and is audited by the Indian government.

Palo Alto Networks VM-series virtualized next-generation firewall with threat prevention enables ESDS with improved stability that translates to greater availability and enables troubleshooting to be completed in roughly one-third the time it takes for the competition.

“Palo Alto Networks meets our needs from a security and operational standpoint,” said Piyush Somani, Founder, MD and CEO – ESDS.

“Providing us excellent control over the applications and data hosted, and protection against both known and unknown threats, helping us enhance our growth capabilities while we embark on our digital transformation journey,” added Somani.

About 20% of its clients have now moved to the Palo Alto Networks VM-series firewall with threat prevention. In the near future, ESDS hopes to bring this number to 100%.

ESDS is also evaluating other products from Palo Alto Networks to beef-up its security posture.

ESDS is currently using Palo Alto Networks VM-series virtualized next-generation firewall with threat prevention in its data centers in Nashik and Mumbai in India.

“Given the evolving threat landscape, the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewall helped us secure critical deployments in private and public clouds. Partnering with Palo Alto Networks has garnered us extremely positive customer feedback,” added Somani.

(Image source – ESDS)

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