Nemasis – VMS, MicroWorld’s security solution to detect Proxylogon

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Novi, USA: MicroWorld Technologies has announced a security solution Nemasis – VMS (vulnerability management suite) with the intelligence to detect the severe ProxyLogon vulnerability.

Microsoft Exchange Servers on-premise versions are being targeted in a pervasive global attack through multiple zero-day vulnerabilities that have recently been discovered. The vulnerability christened as ProxyLogon (CVE-2021-26855) allows the attacker to bypass authentication and impersonate users.

Consequently, an authenticated attacker can execute arbitrary commands on a Microsoft Exchange Server over 443 port. This vulnerability has been weaponised by at least 10 different APT groups and is being leveraged in ransomware and crypto-mining campaigns.

By incorporating Nemasis – VMS/ VA ( vulnerability assessment), with the technology to detect this severe vulnerability, MicroWorld is aiding the fight against cybercriminals who are using this vulnerability.

By executing a vulnerability assessment using Nemasis – VMS, organisations will be able to assess if their IT infrastructure is vulnerable to being exploited through the ProxyLogon vulnerability and can warn users to mitigate the vulnerability before a cybercriminal takes notice.

The exploitation of this vulnerability has given cybercriminals an opportunity to manipulate the IT infrastructures of organisations across the world, according to Govind Rammurthy, MD and CEO – MicroWorld Group of Companies.

“We strongly suggest the use of Nemasis – VMS, to help determine whether the organisation’s network is vulnerable to exploitation and safeguard their IT assets,” said Ramamurthy.

“Our research and development team have been working tirelessly in producing a complete product and with Nemasis – VMS we are proud to present a solution that can help alleviate the digital conundrum that has engulfed the corporate and enterprise sector globally,” added Shweta Thakare, VP – Global Sales and Marketing.

MicroWorld Technologies ‘Nemasis’ is a vulnerability management suite that assists in implementing a comprehensive GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) strategy for managing an organisation’s overall governance, risk, and compliance with regulations.

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