NEC, C-DAC to deploy biometric system for Kerala Police

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New Delhi: NEC, C-DAC have joined hands to deploy a biometric system for the Kerala State Police.

NEC Technologies India (NECTI) has partnered with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) to deploy its automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) for the Kerala State Police.

The Kerala State Police will use this new AFIS to match unknown fingerprints against a central database of known finger prints for criminal investigation.

More than 600 police/enforcement facilities across the state, including police stations and the district police headquarters, will have access to the system for verification and new registration of fingerprints.

This new biometric system will help state police accelerate investigations more efficiently by providing a faster and more accurate fingerprint verification. It will enhance the quality of fragmented fingerprints captured at crime scenes and makes it possible to match the prints against the central database.

NEC’s AFIS is boasted to be the world’s no. 1 authentication accuracy and is a core technology of the company’s portfolio of leading biometric solutions, “Bio-IDiom.”

Bio-IDiom is NEC’s portfolio of leading biometric authentication technologies, including face, iris, fingerprint / palmprint, finger vein, voice and ear acoustic solutions.

“NEC has always been at the forefront of public safety. We are delighted to be working with C-DAC and the Kerala State Police to implement a new fingerprint recognition infrastructure, and are committed to building safer and smarter cities in India,” said Takayuki Inaba, MD – NECTI.

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