Mindtree and Rubrik to launch a unified cyber-recovery platform

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Warren, USA – Bangalore, India: Global IT services company Mindtree and Rubrik – the zero trust data security company have announced their partnership for a unified cyber-recovery platform. Under this partnership, the two companies will launch a unified cyber-recovery platform named MINDTREE VAULT.
The platform combines Mindtree’s program management, cloud, data, and cybersecurity capabilities, best practices, and accelerators, with Rubrik’s data resilience, data observability, and data recovery capabilities.

It enables organisations to work through the full scope of recovery, including assessment, discovery, migration with ongoing management services, and pilots for proof-of-concept projects.

By empowering organisations to quickly shift to data-driven models, ensure data is immutable, and enhance their ability to guard against cyberattacks as well as swiftly recover from them, the platform delivers a seamless experience and a key component of an organisation’s data security posture.

“With cyberattacks and ransomware on the rise, the need for data security has never been more critical,” said Ghazal Asif, VP – Global Channels and Alliances, Rubrik.

“Our partner ecosystem is the lifeblood of Rubrik and the value partners like Mindtree bring to customers is tremendous. We are thrilled to work with Mindtree to help bring this unified cyber-recovery platform to life, as we continue to propel Rubrik’s mission to secure the world’s data,” added Asif.

“Organisations are looking for speed and resiliency when dealing with cybersecurity risks in their digital transformation journeys,” said Sriram K, EVP and Service Lines Market Head for North America, Mindtree.

“Greater connectivity and new innovations being used by attackers mean an ever more critical need for faster, more modern approaches to data recovery and protection. Our partnership with Rubrik will further strengthen our digital transformation offerings with enhanced data security and data protection, thus enabling customers to rapidly adopt new technology and realize their transformation goals,” added Sriram.

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