KPMG in India and Qualys to offer managed security

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Mumbai: KPMG in India and Qualys have formed a partnership to bring Qualys solutions to the KPMG Managed Security offering.

With this tie-up, both companies are aiming to tap the managed security service market in India with wider security offerings for enterprise customers.

The alliance will bring together the global cybersecurity services of KPMG in India along with Qualys’ cybersecurity innovations in a form of managed security service offerings for enterprises.

The global Managed Security Services market size is estimated to reach $42,250 million by 2026. It was around $21,680 million in 2020 and expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.8% during 2021-2026, according to Valuates Reports.

As per industry estimates, the value of India’s security operations market in 2020 amounted to be more than Rs 38 billion. India’s managed security service market is broadly divided into five segments – consulting, implementation, testing, operations and incident response.

In 2022, three segments – security operations (37.8%), security testing (23%) and security implementations (22.7%) will dominate India’s managed security service market.

Security consulting (11.1%) and incident response (5.3%) segments are expected to be on the lower end of India’s managed security market in 2022.

Under the strategic tie-up, KPMG in India will add Qualys VMDR, Cloud and Container Security to its managed security portfolio through integrations.

The Qualys Cloud Platform will integrate with KPMG in India’s managed security offerings. These integrations include Qualys VMDR – a cloud all in one app for discovery, assessment, detection and response. It significantly accelerates the ability of organisations to respond to threats and effectively prevent breaches.

Besides, KPMG in India customers will now have access to Qualys Cloud and Container Security apps for a continuous inventory of resources and assets across their global hybrid IT environment.

“This partnership is aligned to our core values whereby we believe in empowering all our clients to manage cyber risk effectively by having state-of-the-art vulnerability management services along with a secure broad-ranging digital journey,” said Atul Gupta, Leader – Cybersecurity, KPMG in India.

“By partnering with Qualys, we are not only ensuring that our customers have current and latest technology solutions but are also enabling them to create a digitally trusted environment,” added Gupta.

“The KPMG in India and Qualys partnership is a powerful combination that seeks to address the security vulnerability management challenges of enterprises considering the rapid cloud adoption, application modernisation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data proliferation and surge in the API economy that we are witnessing today,” said Chandra Prakash, Partner and Leader for Managed Application Security Services, KPMG in India.

“Our deep expertise in application development and business consulting combined with Qualys’ platform for managing vulnerabilities across hybrid technology environments makes our offering a wholesome one,” added Prakash.

“This partnership will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients, thereby unlocking the full potential of digital transformation, allowing us to place them on the best path to success in the new digital business landscape in a secure manner,” added Sony Anthony, Head of Cyber Defence Practice, KPMG in India.

“KPMG in India is a global managed security service partner (MSSP) that helps customers accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Our strategic alliance with KPMG in India will help customers streamline their security and compliance solution stack while also providing much-needed visibility, compliance and the ability to respond to threats,” said Debashish Jyotiprakash, MD – India and ASEAN for Qualys.

“A Qualys Cloud Platform located in India allows KPMG to address the data localisation needs of their clients,” added Jyotiprakash, MD – India and ASEAN for Qualys.

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