Fujitsu and Trend Micro to secure connected cars

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Tokyo, Japan: Fujitsu and Trend Micro have agreed to collaborate on a connected car security solution. Both companies will unite with automotive-related manufacturers to strengthen connected car security measures.

With this collaboration, Fujitsu will provide a security countermeasure solution V-SOC (Vehicle-Security Operation Center) service for connected cars. And Trend Micro Cloud One will protect the backend cloud infrastructure.

These solutions will work in tandem to detect vehicle abnormalities such as gas pedal and brake malfunctions and detect unauthorized communications and attempts to tamper with telematics servers and security data on the cloud infrastructure. All these elements are detected and analyzed in an integrated manner.

Fujitsu and Trend Micro aim to provide new security services to be verified globally, including in Japan, Europe, the United States, and the APAC region starting in January 2022. The new services will make it possible to visualize the overall picture of potential cyberattacks by detecting threats originating from cloud infrastructure, representing an easy target for the attackers, and linking these detection capabilities with alerts in the vehicle.

Additionally, the new services will make it possible to identify threat locations and the extent of the impact of cyberattacks. And will take measures at appropriate points that need to be dealt with, offering robust support for security measures for connected cars from automotive-related manufacturers.

From 2022, the two companies will work to strengthen security measures for vehicles in addition to cloud infrastructure.

Currently, cybersecurity regulations in the automotive industry are based on the regulations defined by one of the subcommittees of the World Forum for Harmonization of Automotive Standards (WP.29).

The WP.29 regulations are required to be applied to CSMS (Cyber Security Management Systems).

These regulations describe the need for a system to collect, monitor, and analyze threat information both inside and outside the vehicle to realize autonomous driving.

Fujitsu’s V-SOC and Trend Micro Cloud One will be linked to possibly get insights into cloud infrastructure security logs. In addition to vehicle data, enabling more threat information to be detected and collected.

By correlating the collected data with SIEM, when an incident occurs, users can promptly determine the attack origin and extent of its impact and provide the customer with information for a prompt response. This solution is a one-stop service that strongly supports customers’ security measures for connected cars.

The new security solution is expected to be rolled out globally, including in Japan, Europe, the US, and the APAC region. It will be offered to automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers, automotive leasing, and car rental companies developing businesses in fields such as connected cars, electric vehicles, and autonomous driving.

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