FortiGate CNF to help modernise security operations

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Bangalore: Cybersecurity solutions provider Fortinetecurity on Wednesday announced the availability of FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall (FortiGate CNF) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

FortiGate CNG is an enterprise-grade, managed next-generation firewall service specifically designed for AWS environments. The company said FortiGate CNF will help organisations, simplify, scale and modernise their security operations.

The Fortinet-managed FortiGate CNF incorporates FortiGuard artificial intelligence (AI)-backed security services for real-time detection of and protection against malicious external and internal threats. It runs on FortiOS offering a consistent network security experience across AWS and on-prem environments.

Organisations that are accelerating their cloud adoption may not have the resources or time to build, scale or adapt their cloud security to meet the pace of their business, according to Vishak Raman, Fortinet’s VP of Sales – India, SAARC and Southeast Asia.

“As a managed next-generation firewall service, FortiGate CNF removes the heavy lifting around network security operations and provides a frictionless experience to help customers easily deploy best-in-class security on the cloud,” said Raman.

“We know organisations are looking to further simplify and modernise security on the cloud, which is why we’re working with Fortinet to deliver adaptive cloud security solutions. With FortiGate CNF, customers can build confidently, boost agility, and take advantage of everything AWS has to offer,” added Dave Ward, AWS’ GM of Application Networking.

By moving network security infrastructure to Fortinet via FortiGate CNF, customers can focus more on their core competencies and deploy effective security policies to protect their business-critical applications and data.

Natively supporting AWS and available now in AWS Marketplace, FortiGate CNF gives customers immediate access to FortiGuard AI-powered security services for enterprise-grade protection. That includes URL filtering, DNS filtering, IPS, application control and other FortiGuard security services, that organisations rely on.

FortiGate CNF enables customers to realise the following benefits:

  • Region-wide network protection at optimised costs: FortiGate CNF is designed to easily aggregate security across cloud networks, availability zones and virtual private clouds (VPCs) in a cloud region. It also natively supports AWS to help optimise cloud security spending and uses AWS Graviton instances to deliver better price performance than other offerings.
  • Simplified network security operations with cloud-native integrations: FortiGate CNF provides a simple, intuitive user interface (UI) that minimizes the need for security expertise and makes it easy to define and deploy robust security policies including dynamic meta-data-based policies on AWS.

This AWS support helps security teams move at the speed and scale of applications teams, while the support of AWS Gateway Load Balancer eliminates do-it-yourself automation and helps secure Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) environments while improving high availability and scaling. Additionally, the support of AWS Firewall Manager simplifies security management and
automates security rollout.

  • Increased compliance with consistent enterprise-grade security across on-prem and cloud deployments: In a recent survey of more than 800 cybersecurity professionals, 78% of respondents indicated that a cloud security platform with a single dashboard could help them better protect data across their cloud footprint and strengthen their security posture.

FortiGate CNF provides an intuitive dashboard to easily manage security policies across a customer’s AWS deployments. As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric platform, it also offers a single pane of glass through FortiManager to centralize policy management, increase visibility and automate policy enforcement on AWS and beyond. This capability helps teams effectively apply security controls seamlessly across hybrid cloud and on-premises deployments.

  • Enhanced with AI-powered global threat intelligence: FortiGate CNF includes a suite of trusted FortiGuard AI-powered security services, developed and continually improved by FortiGuard Labs. Using AI/machine learning (ML) models, FortiGate CNF with FortiGuard Security Services enables a proactive security posture and remediation of known and unknown threats based on real-time threat intelligence, behaviour-based detection and automated prevention.

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