Cybersecurity vendors launch OT Cyber Coalition

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Mumbai: A diverse group of cybersecurity vendors in the US have joined hands to form the Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition (OT Cyber Coalition).

Cybersecurity vendors

US-based Cybersecurity vendors namely Claroty, Forescout, Honeywell, Nozomi Networks and Tenable are the founding members of this OT Cyber Coalition.

OT Cyber Coalition

The OT Cyber Coalition advocates for vendor-neutral, interoperable, and standards-based cybersecurity solutions. It works collaboratively with industry and government stakeholders on how to best deploy data-sharing solutions that fortify the nation’s collective defence.

Its efforts support the notion that competitive solutions promote innovation and strengthen national security.

The OT Cyber Coalition represents a broad spectrum of people, processes, and technology, and offers a unique and crucial perspective on the best practices applicable across the entire OT lifecycle.

US Government

Through its direct engagements with the US Government, the OT Cyber Coalition will encourage the adoption of interoperability and vendor-neutral cybersecurity characteristics, provide industry expertise, share feedback on public policy proposals, and advocate for increased funding for federal OT cybersecurity.

“Given the significant exposure, a more dangerous set of threat actors, and the risks to national security and society, the government needs to leverage all cyber capabilities at its disposal to protect critical infrastructure,” said Grant Geyer, CPO and CISO, Claroty.

“Our combined customer base represents the largest and most impactful organisations in critical infrastructure,” said Shawn Taylor, VP -Threat Defense, Forescout.

“Although we may be a group of competitive OT cybersecurity companies, we also are extremely passionate about working collaboratively to improve the cybersecurity of these sometimes fragile OT environments,” said Jeff Zindel, VP and GM – OT Cyber Security, Honeywell Connected Enterprise.

“To combat the growing number of threats against our critical infrastructure, it is essential that the cybersecurity industry embrace competitive innovation and open information sharing to collectively strengthen defenses,” said Andrea Carcano, Nozomi Networks Co-Founder and CPO.

“Our companies represent the entire OT lifecycle, and can be leveraged strategically by the U.S. Government in an advisory capacity and by critical infrastructure operators to protect themselves and improve our national preparedness,” said Marty Edwards, VP – Operational Technology Security, Tenable.

Apparently, the OT Cyber Coalition is US-focused but whether this group will expand to other countries and regions is too early to say. Given all the coalition members are US-based cybersecurity vendors, probably their focus remains on the US as a nation.

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