CrowdXDR Alliance adds three new strategic partners

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Mumbai: Cloud-native cybersecurity platform CrowdSrike has expanded the CrowdXDR Alliance with three new strategic partners. Cloudflare, Armis and ThreatWarrior are the new partners that will join the CrowdXDR Alliance.

With the addition of new partners, CrowdStrike has further expanded security telemetry across technologies including cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and network.

These new partnerships will deliver deep integrations, supporting the wide set of security telemetry, delivering insights to identify and hunt threats and enhancing productivity. At the same, addressing the security skills gap issues that most organisations are facing.

Launched in 2021, CrowdXDR Alliance is a unified and open coalition for bringing integrated solutions together. It helps to deliver industry-leading Extended Detection and Response (XDR) with comprehensive visibility, protection and control across business entities.

CrowdStrike through its CrowdXDR Alliance partners is jointly establishing a standardized schema for data sharing and exchange to enrich Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) data with the most relevant, vendor-specific security telemetry.

This way the alliance builds the most effective threat detection and response capabilities built at scale with security telemetry correlated from the broadest range of first and third-party sources across the technology ecosystem.

“The power of the CrowdXDR Alliance is in the commitment to open and unified data sharing amongst our partners across technologies that will further enrich EDR data and solve the gaps in existing legacy and next-gen tools across investigation, threat hunting and response capabilities,” said Michael Sentonas, CTO – CrowdStrike.

“We established this community-driven approach to further extend partner value and deliver customers a holistic and simpler view of threats across the entire technology landscape to enable them to act with speed and precision,” added Sentonas.
Cloudflare, Armis and ThreatWarrior will join other CrowdXDR Alliance partners that include Google Cloud, Okta, ServiceNow, Zscaler, Netskope, Proofpoint, Extrahop, Mimecast, Claroty and Corelight. CrowdStrike.

“By joining the CrowdXDR Alliance, we’ll be able to combine Cloudflare’s global network with CrowdStrike’s leading endpoint protection to help mutual customers stop cyberattacks anywhere in their network,” said John Graham-Cumming, CTO – Cloudflare

“Lack of visibility of unmanaged assets presents a significant gap in security strategy. We are excited to join the CrowdXDR Alliance to provide unmatched visibility and security,” said Nadir Izrael, CTO and Co-Founder – Armis

“We are proud to work with CrowdStrike to extend detection and response capabilities across every infrastructure and provide customers the tools they need to stop threats faster,” said Rob Lancaster, SVP – Product Management, ThreatWarrior.

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