CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection now available to customers

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Bangalore: CrowdStrike has announced the general availability of CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection to customers. It will help customers move away from legacy data loss prevention (DLP) products with a modern, frictionless approach to data security that prevents adversary exfiltration and accidental leakage.

With this latest AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform offering, customers can consolidate costly and ineffective DLP point products with CrowdStrike’s single, revolutionary lightweight agent.

Organisations struggle with legacy DLP solutions that are difficult to deploy, complex to manage and unable to track data in the modern cloud and AI era comprehensively. This results in risky monitor-mode-only deployments that fail to stop data theft.

CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection harnesses the CrowdStrike Falcon platform’s visibility and protection for the epicentre of productivity and risk – the endpoint – to secure critical data from insider threats and adversaries.

With CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection, enterprises can now:

● Deploy data protection immediately from their existing Falcon agent to consolidate legacy DLP point products, reduce complexity and gain nearly instant time to value.

● Instantly expand data flow visibility across the enterprise to rapidly identify and shut down data exfiltration or accidental leakage.

● Accelerate detection and response with a single console and unified workflow that saves security analysts time investigating potential data theft.

“Today’s DLP market is where legacy AV was when we started CrowdStrike: ripe for disruption. With this release, we’re bringing to market the future of data protection as part of a unified platform,” said Raj Rajamani, CrowdStrike’s Head of Products.

“We’re proud to have partnered with some of the largest organizations in the world to develop a groundbreaking approach to data protection that enables customers to stop the breach, while consolidating legacy DLP tools. Customers can deploy Falcon Data Protection immediately from their existing agent with near zero configuration requirements,” added Rajamani