CrowdStrike and EY to provide joint cyber offerings

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California, USA – London, UK: CrowdStrike and EY have announced their alliance to provide joint cyber offerings to help combat ransomware and push zero trust.

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US), a leading cyber risk consulting services organisation has selected CrowdStrike Falcon as one of the EY preferred cybersecurity technology platforms. This will strengthen the alliance between CrowdStrike and EY.

This alliance expands into new geographies and new joint offerings – Ransomware Readiness and Resilience, Incident Response (IR), Recovery and Remediation, and the acceleration of Zero Trust capabilities.

The CrowdStrike-EY Alliance seamlessly integrates cybersecurity operations and risk management to help aid enterprises around the world, and bolster business resiliency.

The CrowdStrike and EY teams are committed to helping customers in new areas as the alliance continues to grow outside the U.S. Recently, the alliance expanded into Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada and Italy.

Combating ransomware threats and attacks
A key focus of the CrowdStrike and EY alliance is aimed at thwarting ransomware attacks, as this form of cyberattack continues to gain momentum and sophistication from both cybercriminals and state-sponsored threat actors.

Ransomware attacks take advantage of security gaps at multiple levels when it comes to people, process, and technology and continue to plague entities ranging from small businesses all the way up to mature, global organizations.

In response, EY and CrowdStrike professionals have joined forces to create the Ransomware Readiness and Resilience solution – a multi-pronged strategy to effectively combat these threats.

The Ransomware Readiness and Resilience solution combines EY Next-Generation Security Operations and Response (NGSO&R) services with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, providing industry-leading protection and detection capabilities with cyber threat intelligence and 24/7 threat hunting to offer a leading solution in the fight against ransomware threats.

The solution offers immediate, real-time visibility into the organizations’ environments, identifying and eliminating potential compromises and curtailing silent failure. This powerful combination helps to contain active threats immediately and efficiently mitigates the threat of ransomware attacks.

“We continue to hear from our customers that dangerous cyber actors threaten the livelihood of their business operations. CrowdStrike and EY have teamed up to offer our joint customers market-leading technology paired with leading transformational consulting services to aid organisations and positively impact their business objectives through the prioritization of cybersecurity. We are thrilled about the maturing of this collaboration and look forward to helping more businesses around the world grow their business resiliency and security posture,” said Shawn Henry, CrowdStrike CSO and President – Services.

Response, recovery and remediation
EY and CrowdStrike teams have also joined forces to offer customers a new broad approach to respond quickly and precisely in the wake of an incident. Incident Response, Recovery and Remediation helps customers rapidly contain an attack and recover from a breach with speed and surgical precision, using the threat intelligence and real-time response capabilities of CrowdStrike’s technology and services.

CrowdStrike’s IR strengths, along with EY’s proactive and reactive incident response plans, encompass all aspects of a client’s cybersecurity program and threat response. IR, Recovery and Remediation provides an understanding of the full threat context to rapidly recover endpoints and get customers back to normal business operations faster. This helps clients to increase overall business resiliency while meeting compliance and governance requirements.

Additionally, CrowdStrike and EY teams have integrated the acceleration of Zero Trust adoption, leveraging CrowdStrike Falcon’s Zero Trust solutions to process trillions of events in real-time and continuously validate the access of resources for all users, devices and applications, regardless of the location.

Utilizing the expansive telemetry of the CrowdStrike Security Cloud, customers benefit from high fidelity attack correlation, fast policy enforcement, and dynamic conditional access based on continuous, real-time security risk assessments, helping ensure frictionless Zero Trust adoption and identity protection for organizations of any size.

“The threat of cybersecurity attacks remains top of mind for EY clients and the expanded global alliance with CrowdStrike will be invaluable as they continue navigating increasing cyber threats. Through this collaboration, EY and CrowdStrike teams aim to address growing concerns regarding ransomware and how to manage a potential incident through the new Ransomware Readiness and Resilience, and IR, Recovery and Remediation solutions. Strengthening this alliance means supporting clients when they’re most vulnerable so they can focus on running their business,” said Dave Burg, EY Americas Cybersecurity Leader.

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