Cisco’s big cybersecurity push in India

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Jaipur: With the aim to help Indian organisations become more resilient against cyber incidents, Cisco announced key security innovations and investments in India on Monday. Cisco’s big cybersecurity push in India includes new risk-based capabilities across its security portfolio, new features to its Duo Risk-based Authentication solution and expanding data centre footprint.

As part of its security innovations, Cisco said it is introducing new risk-based capabilities across its security portfolio for hybrid and multi-cloud environments in India. These capabilities demonstrate progress towards realising the full vision of the Cisco Security Cloud, which will safeguard the integrity of an organisation’s entire IT ecosystem. This includes the latest innovations in Zero Trust, application security, and secure connectivity.

Cisco announced the launch of several new features for its Duo Risk-based Authentication solution. These features address security issues, including remembered devices and Wi-Fi Fingerprint to authenticate less often in trusted situations, Verified Push to protect against phishing attacks, and expanded SSO capabilities that notify and allow users to reset their passwords before they expire, improving productivity for modern enterprises.

“At Cisco, we are committed to helping Indian organisations enhance security resilience so they can turn their digitisation into a competitive advantage. We are introducing innovative cyber capabilities, expanding our secure data centre footprint, and continuing to build a dedicated engineering workforce in India to help organisations fortify their defences and catalyse their transformation in the digital age,” said Daisy Chittilapilly, President of Cisco India and SAARC.

Besides, Cisco said it has made a significant advancement in its application strategy with the introduction of Business Risk Observability, an industry-first enhancement to its full-stack Observability application security solution. Business Risk Observability provides a unique business risk scoring solution that combines Kenna Risk Meter score distribution and Business Transactions from Cisco AppDynamics.

With more Indian organisations adopting the cloud, the company said it is investing in dedicated cloud infrastructure to bring industry-leading security services to more customers in India in a seamless and scalable manner. As a part of this expansion, Cisco is setting up a new data centre in Chennai and upgrading its existing one in Mumbai to offer enhanced security solutions to customers.

The new and upgraded facilities will bring agile, highly resilient, high-capacity access closer to users, including large and small Indian enterprises from across industries.

“Our latest investments and innovations are aimed at helping customers simplify, streamline, and scale their cloud security quickly and efficiently,” said Samir Mishra, Director – Security Business, Cisco India & SAARC.
India remains a critical market for Cisco and its second largest R&D centre outside the USA.

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