Check Point’s new Security Gateway series delivers Gen V threat prevention

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New Delhi: Check Point, a global cybersecurity provider today announced a new suite of network security products for large enterprises and data centers. It claimed the new suite delivers an industry-leading Tera-bps (bits per second) of Gen V Threat Prevention without compromising on network performance, up time, or scalability.

The Check Point Infinity architecture powered 6000 and 26000 Security Gateways incorporate Check Point’s ThreatCloud and popular SandBlast Zero-Day Protection. These modular gateways come in base, plus and turbo models delivering up to 24 Gbps of Gen V Threat Prevention security throughput, support connectivity standards up to 100 Gbe, and feature expansion options for up to 64 network interfaces.

“Gen V (5th Generation) cyberattacks have impacted two billion consumers and 46% of enterprises, yet most organizations are still deploying 2nd and 3nd generation security,” said Gil Shwed, CEO and Founder – Check Point Software. “Our new gateways – in tandem with the Maestro Orchestrator security solution – will allow our large enterprise customers to achieve unprecedented levels of Gen V security at industry leading inspection rates.”

R80.30 Threat Extraction for the Web and Patent Pending TLS/SSL Inspection
A few weeks ago at CPX New York, CEO and Founder Gil Shwed announced the newest release of Check Point’s R80.30 software with the industry’s first threat extraction for the web and patent-pending TLS/SSL inspection capabilities.

R80.30 ushers in a new era of security with the industry’s first threat extraction for web, providing practical prevention against advanced threats. With R80.30, admins will no longer have to compromise on security for productivity. R80.30 Gen V Threat Prevention protects users from malicious web downloads in real-time. Threat Extraction removes exploitable content, reconstructs files to eliminate potential threats and promptly delivers the clean content to the user. In addition, a Threat Prevention dashboard provides full visibility across networks, mobile and endpoints

The recent release of R80.30 includes new patent-pending Transport Layer Security (TLS) technologies that provide state-of-the-art SSL Inspection. This technology enables enterprises to quickly inspect SSL-encrypted network traffic, evade cyber attack techniques like Server Name Indication (SNI) manipulation, and strike the right balance between security and privacy. Given that 90% of web traffic is encrypted, Check Point’s SSL inspection innovation impacts enterprises across the globe.

With over 160 technology integrations and 100 new features, R80 is the industry’s most advanced threat prevention and security management software for the data center, cloud, mobile and endpoint

R80.30’s innovations enable the new 16000 and 26000 gateways to achieve industry leading Threat Prevention performance while streamlining the management process through a single console.

The Final Piece of the Terabit-per-second Puzzle: Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator
Check Point Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator, the industry’s first hyperscale network security solution, enables a single Check Point gateway to expand to the capacity and performance of 52 gateways in minutes. This nearly limitless scalability enables cloud-level resilience and reliability along with Terabit/second firewall throughput, allowing organizations to support 5G network high data rates and ultra-low latency while securing the most demanding network computing workloads.

This combination of the R80.30 software, 16000/26000 Security Gateways, and the Maestro Orchestrator enables Check Point customers to achieve hyperscale network security with tera-bit levels of threat prevention performance.

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