Bitdefender launches cloud-based EDR solution in India

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Mumbai: Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity company has launched a new cloud-based Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution in India.

It helps enterprise customers and managed service providers (MSPs) improve their ability to detect and thwart threats. And strengthen overall resiliency against cyberattacks.

The new EDR package is resource-light and fully cloud-delivered for easy deployment and management and runs alongside third-party prevention technologies. Unique in the EDR space, it combines endpoint telemetry and human risk analytics with advanced threat detection capabilities.

The detection capabilities enable quick visibility into vulnerable systems on-premise or in cloud environments. And offers one-click actions to mitigate risks including quarantining files, blocking IP addresses and killing processes.

For Bitdefender, the Mumbai based BD Soft is an exclusive distributor partner in India.

“Businesses and MSPs struggle to keep pace with the onslaught of attacks. As cybercriminals work diligently to capitalize on the industry’s shift to less secure remote work environments for the foreseeable future,” said Zakir Hussain – CEO, BD Software Distribution.

“The new Bitdefender EDR package delivers best-in-class attack visibility and effective response. It is backed with threat intelligence from Bitdefender Labs, to help organisations navigate these riskier uncertain times and protect their most valuable assets,” he further adds.

Bitdefender EDR is built to increase resilience against cyberattacks. It makes detection more accurate with increased visibility into what’s happening at the endpoint.

Along with this new launch, Bitdefender has strengthened its product Gravity Zone that underpins its business solutions portfolio.

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