Birlasoft and to co-build AI-led cyber-regulatory platform

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Pune, Noida, India – Edison, USA: Birlasoft and will co-develop a new AI/ML-based cyber-regulatory reporting platform.

The Birlasoft and co-development is an AI/ML-based cybersecurity reporting platform. It will help customers streamline and automate their cybersecurity regulatory assessment and reporting.

The platform will deliver significant cost savings and near real-time compliance view to cyber regulations and rich analytics.

Digital transformation has unleashed a high volume of cyber threats, making cybersecurity and compliance a top priority for CXOs. And it is critical for businesses to ensure their cyber-regulatory compliance roadmap is in place.

The co-developed platform will help regulated enterprises gain a deeper understanding of their cyber regulatory compliance risks and provide them with actionable reports to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

According to Birlasoft, the platform fits well with the company’s focus to grow the banking, financial services, and insurance segments, where cybersecurity is a key focus.

In addition, as organisations across other regulated industries accelerate their digital transformation, cybersecurity becomes fundamental for future business resiliency.

“Enterprises are moving towards a digital-first approach at an accelerated pace and are increasingly concerned about their cybersecurity resiliency,” said Shilpa Bhandari, SVP and Global Head – BFSI, Birlasoft.

“The Birlasoft and co-development partnership strategic in our goal of delivering innovative platform-based solutions that address the needs of customers across banking, financial services, and insurance industries where cybersecurity and compliance are top priorities,” added Bhandari.

“We are excited to be working together on a joint platform in partnership with Birlasoft. is transforming the cybersecurity reporting function across regulated industries,” said Jinal Shah, CEO,

“We have created a lightning-fast, scalable, and cost-efficient governance platform using leading-edge AI technologies. Our innovative multi-cloud platform will significantly streamline cybersecurity self-assessment processes,” added Shah.

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